Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Boy

I am so blessed to have a happy baby. And a baby that knows how to play by himself. I put him in front of a box of toys and he is happy for a while! Which is good because I have tons of stuff to get done before our big trip!

Of course Chase loves playing with friends too! He has hung out with his buddy Asher a lot this past week. I put all the toys between them and they were so content. Emily and I notice that the boys like copying each other. Chase always does better on his tummy after he is with Asher (who is 2 months older). Chase took his sock off the other day and then Asher was trying to take his off. Of course they also go for the same toy. It starts so early!

Our favorite time of the day - talking to daddy!

We had a weight check the other day and Chase was 16 lb 8 oz! He gained almost a pound a half in 5 weeks. He is still in the 5th percentile but he is growing! Well that's it for now. We are getting so excited for our trip - meeting family & friends, shopping, eating out, going to a KSU bball game, going to the zoo, cousin's bday party, future aunt's bridal shower, etc. Hopefully Chase will do well with the travel and time change!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

For Daddy

The base was offering a free portrait photo for all families in our situation. At first glance of the photo I wasn't too impressed. So when I stopped by Julie's she offered to take a few pictures with her new camera.

Ok, I am not normally one to gush over my child but I just love these pictures of Chase on the slide. I think he is sooo cute here! Thanks Julie!

Chase's first tooth broke through! I noticed some white when were in London and running my finger along the gum I could feel the little ridges. Then at bible study one of my friends noticed it! He is getting so big!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day Weekend

So we had a pretty busy Valentines Day weekend. It started with double date with Julie and William to Pizza Express on Friday night! The restaurant is pretty kid friendly and we had a coupon! The boys did really well and we got a little adult conversation in!

Saturday morning we headed up to base for a 5K fun run! There were seven of us from the squadron and 15 kids! Afterwards the guys who are left behind cooked us all pancakes and bacon - yum!
I put us in red shirts to get in the spirit. My face is even the right color! I finished in 29:50 and my goal was under 30 minutes!
Pooped out on the way home - you would think he ran it!
Some friends from North Carolina were in town for the weekend so I tagged along to London today. We went to the Tower of London and then walked around for a bit. We also had lunch at a place that had free refills! Just one of the many things I miss about the states. You can't even get refills at McDonalds!

Enjoying the lovely England weather!
It was so nice to have some guys to help with the stroller!

So I am trying to be creative whenever we send packages to daddy. I had this great idea of writing on Chase with him just in his diaper. Chase was not too thrilled and it didn't quite go like I had it in my mind!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Monday, February 09, 2009

7 Months

Yesterday Chase was 7 months! I haven't really been keeping a baby book or anything and so I need to go back through the blog and figure out what he did when. So some of this documentation is for me. He is sitting up pretty good on his own now. Every now and then he will still take a little fall. The British call the pacifier "dummy" and it a fitting name. I have been better about keeping it out of his mouth when he is playing and he is starting to talk a lot more. He is definitely still attached to me. When I put him in his crib and am wrapping the blanket around him, he grabs my arm. It is so cute! He does pretty well though when others watch him so I can't complain! He also loves to jump. My friend Julie has a jumperoo and he loves it! Although I learned to not put him in there after he has a big meal!

He loves sweets! With us as parents he has no choice! I let him have a little ice cream at a friends birthday this past weekend.

I laugh every time I see this picture! Here he is working on a poop!

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I was tagged by Becky to go to my fourth picture folder and post the fourth picture. I had to get permission from my better half to post it but here it is. I am not good about organizing into folders but this one is B-Course Graduation and here is my handsome man!

Now, its my turn. I tag Brandi, Tara, Julie, and Emily (who just started a blog - yeah!). I am going to update my sidebar with all the wonderful blogs that I read. If I linked to yours and you don't want me to - please let me know!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


So sometimes I go weeks without anything good to post but now I have too many to keep up with. I also just got tagged so I will do that in the next few days! Anyways it snowed almost all day yesterday! I didn't plan anything because I get a little stressed driving over here sometimes so Chase and I enjoyed being home all day. We ventured out once for a walk and Chase did pretty good but didn't last too long. I think Wagner could have stayed out forever. Again he is getting used to being the dog not the kid!

In case anyone hasn't told you...don't eat the brown snow!

Running around like a young pup!

I had just picked up his little fleece neck warmer thing at the outlets. It was for the flight home but it worked yesterday too!
Stopping by a neighbors house. I can't go all day without adult conversation!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Friends and Twins

So my friend Jen and I realized that the boys have the same outfit so we figured we would dress them alike for a day. Cole is about 3 months younger than Chase. This is in the evening so we knew the photo shoot wouldn't last long!
Ready boys - both put your fingers in your mouth - Good Job! Aren't they so smart!

William, the big boy!

With the jackets on. "Uh mom, I think we are done!"

"Yep - we are done!"

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fun in the...

I was hoping I could finish that sentence with sun. Julie and I have been planning to take the boys somewhere warm this weekend and hang out. But we couldn't find any good deals and then sickness came. But I still insisted that we do some fun things this weekend. We got a babysitter for Friday night and went to see Mall Cop. What can we say - we both like Kevin James. I spent the night and Saturday we headed to an outlet mall about an hour away from us. It was very cold but we had fun!

We are warming up at Starbucks!

I must also admit I have no faith in my basketball team. I went to bed at the end of regulation of the K-State/Texas game last night. I was surprised to see that we won in overtime! Go Cats!