Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another month update

It felt like it had been a while before I posted and I checked the date and I couldn't believe it has been a month! With Brad working so much there is just not much down time. Here are some pictures from the past month.

Jacob and his friend Elizabeth at a birthday party. Elizabeth is in his Wee Wings class.
On an early release snowy day we got free donuts from Krispy Kreme with friends.
Elsa, Olaf and Anna were at the local McDonalds. Jacob had to give each one  a hug :)
Not the best picture but we went to an indoor splash park in a nearby town. Boys loved it!
We went back to Maryland for a long weekend since Chase had a day off school and Brad was on a trip. They had just gotten lots of snow so we went sledding.
We even convinced cousin Kieryn to come down for the day!
Chase went over a big bump sledding and lost his two front teeth. I actually have a video of it and it is so funny (the teeth were loose).
Chase was happy with his $2 the next morning.
We got to celebrate my moms birthday while we were there.
Chase at his school's homecoming. 

Getting his medal from his coach.
So proud!
I texted this picture to Brad while he was on a trip and asked how this was our baby?! It's true that the days are LONG but the years are short!

At a squadron Christmas Tree burn.

I posted this on facebook but wanted to remember it here too - Chase wore this for his class pictures. They were scheduled on St. Patricks Day so I just said to wear green and completely forgot. Chase said he was front and center too. Mom Fail!