Thursday, March 29, 2007

AWANA Sleepover

Yeah, I have something to post about. Mom's friend got her pictures from the AWANA sleepover earlier this month. About 14 girls ages 3rd - 6th Grade came and it was a blast. We played games, had a devontional, ate pizza, decorated cookies and had a craft. And of course the girls tried to stay up as late as they could. Mom was out early!

Mom leading the devotional.

Eating Pizza.

The best part was the girls threw mom's friend a surprise baby shower. It was so sweet, one of her girls made a cake and came up with games and everything.

Monday, March 12, 2007

5K Pictures

A friend emailed us a couple pictures from the race, as you can see it was very small!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Mom and dad have been working out a lot lately and this morning some friends convinced them to run a 5k in a nearby town as part of a festival they do every year. There were very few people but Dad finished 3rd out of the guys and Mom got first out of the girls. She won a free night stay at a historic hotel in the town and free round of golf. So really dad won too! It was motivating to keep working out!

Not much else has been going on here lately, still gearing up for the big base inspection in a couple weeks. A lot of baby showers are on the horizon, somehow mom gets to help out with a lot of them. We have also been watching a lot of basketball and are ready for March Madness! Hopefully K-State will be dancing this year! I always get my friends to take pictures of stuff but they never send them to me. Still trying to save up for a camera!