Friday, June 28, 2013

Pool Party

I was excited to have a joint birthday party for the boys at the pool again this year. We had a great time last year and its fun getting all our friends together. We have had thunderstorms pretty much every afternoon this week so I was carefully eyeing the weather for the big day. It looked it like would be clear for at least a little bit. I hauled everything over to the pool and right at 6 when the party started...

it started pouring and thundering and lightning. We all hovered under the shelter and ate the pizza. It looked the storm was passing but then radar was showing another big storm behind. So when the rain let up most of us headed back across the street to our house for cupcakes.

Jacob enjoying his pizza!

 We crammed everyone in and sand happy birthday to the boys.

Good thing we don't have a dining room table! Everyone was so flexible and ate wherever. Kids played in all the different rooms. Around 7:30pm Brad said that it looked like it was clearing up and if people wanted they could still head to pool. Families with little kids headed home but some of the older kids went back to swim.
The few that did get in pool enjoyed it.

Good thing they didn't realize what they were missing!

Chase checking out his gifts afterwards. 

 Everyone said they still had fun and that I was super flexible but it was hard to not be disappointed after last year where the weather was perfect. Oh well. I'm kinda glad its over and I'm not checking the weather every few minutes!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Boys at 2

We have been super busy this past week with Tiana and Grandmom here for the whole week and my dad in town for the weekend. The kids did VBS, lots of pool trips, sprinkler park, library, tumble gym, frozen yogurt bar, Sonic, even a trip to the beach (to play for all of 2 hours before the weather turned bad). I didn't get many pictures (I feel like I say that a lot) but we had a lot of fun!

Jacob wore an outfit to church today that I remember Chase wearing so I had to get comparison pictures. I miss the days when Chase smiled for the camera. I try to remember back to when Chase was 2 and what he was like...I think its different because Chase was the only child at 2 and Jacob has an older and younger brother.



Love them both so much!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gavin is 1!

The day after Jacob turned 2 Gavin turned 1! Here's our (mostly) happy baby. 

He wasn't feeling well after his shots so the cupcake smash didn't go as planned. 

He got his hand too close to the candle before I could stop him. That didn't help his mood.

He finally decided to try it and it was just okay - he didn't like the icing on his hands very much.

There's a smile!

Opening his gift.

I have a feeling these two will be sharing a lot of parties and toys!

Gavin weighed in at 23 lbs 14 oz (67%) and was 31 inches tall (85%). He screamed with his shots and didn't feel good for a couple days after. We are trying to wean him off the bottle and formula but it is slow going. He is crawling and pulling himself up but doesn't show an interest in walking. I still can't believe he will be a big brother soon - scary!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Jacob is 2!

Jacob turned 2 on the 11th. When he woke up that morning he saw his easel and balloons. He seemed like a happy camper!

Pancakes for breakfast - yum!

We went back to the strawberry fields and then to McDonalds with some friends. Jacob is being shy around the ladies here. 

On Saturday we had a joint celebration with Gavin. Cupcakes and presents!

Big brother was ready to help blow out the candle.

Opening up a rumble truck from Mrs. Baker - thank you!

Loading up his toys in his new Wagon - thanks grandma and grandpa!

 I had his two year appt a few days after his birthday... he weighs 28 lbs 6 oz (56%) and is 35 1/2 inches tall (79%). He is starting to talk a lot more lately...putting 3 or 4 words together. He loves the pool. The few times we have been he screams when he leaves. I don't think he understands that we can come back! I have learned that I can't take all 3 boys to the pool by myself. I tried to go for a birthday party and we lasted about 40 minutes. My mom is here now and we are trying to go as much as we can while there is an extra set of hands!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Brad and I got away for 2 nights this past weekend for Brad to be in his friend's wedding. The wedding was in Trenton, NJ so we dropped the kids off at my parents and drove up. Huge thanks to Uncle Kevin, Grandpop and Grandmom for watching the boys! Brad and his friend Ryan have a saying...if we go somewhere with the kids its a trip if we go somewhere without the kids its a vacation! Hence the title of the post.

Brad was pretty busy with wedding stuff (he did send me off to get a mani/pedi the first afternoon while he was hanging out with the guys) but we did manage to sneak over to Princeton University to see the campus. It reminded us a lot of England.

My 29 week pregnant belly :) 

A picture of us before the wedding. 

The groom and all his groomsmen. I hung out a lot with the other wives and they were so sweet to include me. They all knew each other pretty well. Brad wore his uniform and stuck out just a little!

I was not feeling myself most of the night so I didn't get many pictures and didn't even get one of the bride and groom (we just met the bride). We had a great time and let me just say I'm glad I don't have any wedding to pay for in the future!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Bird Feeders

One day when we needed an activity to do I turned to and oldie but goodie - pine cone birdfeeders. We did this before but I can't take pictures when its just me helping. This time daddy was home to help so I got a few pics.

We get so excited when we see birds eating off the pine cones!