Friday, April 25, 2008

Week 31 Update

A good friend came in town last weekend and took a few belly shots for me on our walk. My better half will gladly do it but there is nothing like a girlfriend with a good camera to do it!

Of course the best part of the weekend is seeing their precious little girl! She was loving cable and she did great with Wagner (and vice versa!). Wagner quickly figured out to stay by her while she was eating and he might just get a cheerio or two!

Thank you so much for visiting us! I love how we can talk for hours and not run out of things to say. We did have to send the boys off to play golf so we could have some girl only talk!!

Other news - today is my last day of work!!! My co-workers were so sweet and took me to lunch and gave me a "sleep" set from Bath and Body Works. It comes wtih a pillow mist, lotion and a sheep. They are wishing for me sleep after the baby comes!! I am headed up to Maryland tonight for a first birthday party for Tiana, O's game, Baby shower and hopefully lots of rest!

We also officially have orders so we are busy making plans and getting ready to fly over in a few weeks!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Shower

On Sunday afternoon my dear friend threw me shower for mostly friends in the class. Us girls have had a lot of fun over the past 8 months of the training. We have a bunko group, go out to eat when the guys are working late and enjoy hanging out.
Everyone who came to the shower was so generous and the food was great! Here are the typical opening presents pictures...

A homemade blanket by one of the girls!

A group shot!

With some ladies from church!

My good friend who threw the shower, thank you so much! I had so much fun and was so blessed by everyone celebrating with me during this time!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Surprise Work Baby Shower

The girls I work with suprised me with a baby shower yesterday. I had a lunch planned with one of the girls and as we walked into the restuarant they asked if we were there for the baby shower. Then I saw that the other ladies were there as well! We had a nice lunch then I opened the presents. I got my first pack of diapers, and lots of bath stuff, clothes, blankets and safety stuff. Hard to believe I only have 2 weeks of work left!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Baseball Date Night

Last night the team I interned for several years ago was playing the local team so we headed over to watch a couple innings of the game. It was still pretty chilly and you could tell it was only a week into the season. The between inning entertainment left a lot to be desired and the mascot did nothing.

We only stayed through the 5th inning because he had to get back to work. But it was still cold enough that it was plenty. The Keys were leading 7-2 when we left!
With Scout - do all minor league teams have dogs as mascots?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend Updates

For Easter we met my parents at my Grandma's in Virginia Beach. The Saturday was beautiful so we took Wagner out for a quick walk on the beach. This was the day K-State was playing in the second round of the tournament hence the K-State shirts. We are definitely going to miss sports when we are overseas!

Walking along the beach with mom.

Some friends quickly found Wagner. He is such a scaredy dog!

He loves playing the water though.

A couple of family shots!

Hopefully I will start getting better about taking pictures. The weekend after Easter we had hubby's dad and brother drive out for a visit. I didn't get a single picture! We watched planes take off since he had to fly late on Friday, went to movie, bowling (well the guys anyway) and we dragged them baby furniture shopping but then had a nice dinner at Macaroni Grill! We also got fun presents and lots of baby gear. Thanks guys for making the LONG drive out - we had a lot of fun!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Week 28 Update: Where's our bed?

We finally got the nursery furniture! I just wish I could set up the nursery. Baby boy is going to have the nicest furniture in the house! We decided to keep it in the boxes because it looks better boxed than the movers just wrapping it in paper. We bought Wagner a new bed not too long ago so the question is where is ours? We always said we would buy a bedroom set for us when we moved here but now that we are moving overseas, we hear the rooms are small so we are going to hold off. So we will see if I can last on a double bed for the rest of pregnancy. Things are still going great - I have been blessed!

The baby furniture stacked in our dining room.

Wagner and his new bed.

Hopefully this weekend I can post our Easter pictures - I forgot my camera and my parents have pictures on their camera that I will get this weekend when I visit.