Tuesday, August 30, 2011


As you all know Hurricane Irene hit North Carolina this past weekend. Brad had to take a jet to Louisiana and I headed up to Maryland for the weekend. I wasn't too worried about getting blown away but I didn't want to deal with long power outages and stuff by myself. My dad was able to drive back with me and he is flying back tomorrow. Brad and I were joking that the Air Force is supposed to be so "family friendly" but they were sure quick the ditch the wife and kids and get the jets to safety!

Tiana loves her cousin and was so good with Jacob!
This is actually at our house - this is the chair that caused the meltdown I mentioned in our last post. I told Chase if he wanted to sit there he had to hold Jacob. One of the few times that he has help him.

Grandmom with 2 of her 4 grandkids.

Helping grandpop clean up from the hurricane.

What my dad and I did during the hurricane!
I was also able to hang out with my 2 good friends this past weekend and attend one of their girl's birthday party. We went to the pool on Friday but those pictures are on another camera so I will make that a separate post. We survived without much damage here. We did have some roof shingles come off the roof so we put in a claim and see if we get anything.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Thoughts

What is it about being 3 that can make you cry hysterically at the smallest thing. I sat down to feed Jacob and Chase flipped out claiming I was in his chair. I mean he had real tears and everything. It was all I could do to not laugh at the patheticness (is that a word?).

I love my chunky baby! But I am not used to cleaning all the rolls!

England spiders continue to haunt me. I got out a pair of jeans the other day and a huge dead English house spider fell out. So annoying!

Hard to believe that summer is almost over. I have so enjoyed hanging out in our neighborhood pool. It wears Chase out and I get adult conversation. I will not complain about the summer heat though. Like my friend Kate would say, I am still thawing from the English weather.

I am still trying to figure out what our days will look like in the fall. There are so many things to get involved in bible studies, AWANA's, story time, MOPS, preschools, music classes, etc. I am excited to get involved in some of these things but don't want to overdo it.

I don't want to jinx it but the past couple nights Jacob has been sleeping 8 hours! I feel like a new woman! I love waking up to smiles...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kids Museum

We were getting the itch to get out of town so headed up to Raleigh for the morning. We went to the kids museum and then grabbed lunch with friends. The museum was great - wish we lived closer so we could go back more often.

Chase driving the fire truck.

His favorite part - playing trains.

Mommy and Chase on the pirate ship.

In other news Jacob turned 2 months this past week! He is getting so big and is growing out of so many clothes. I put this outfit on then had to take it off a couple hours later after pulling the shirt down too many times. He is already wearing some 6 month outfits. His 2 month appointment isn't for 2 more weeks so I will have the stats then.

Saturday, August 06, 2011


This reminds me of a similar post I did about 3 years ago! I've attempted to capture Jacob's smile on camera a time or two before. Yesterday when Brad told his parents he doesn't really smile I figured I better prove him wrong. Jacob's eyes look dark in this picture but they actually look blue to me. We will see if he gets the blonde hair.

Things are slowing down and we are getting into a routine. Which probably means a very boring blog! I would say I am pretty much recovered from surgery. I even went on a mile run this morning and ate cheese fries at Outback with no problem! We are starting to hang out and get to know better friends from church and squadron. Chase went to a mom's morning out playgroup last week so I could go to a baby shower for 3 great friends who are due soon. I hope for Chase to start going once a week. Other than that we try to stay cool by playing inside or swimming.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Poor Dog

When we first got Wagner he was our baby! I even named my blog after him and he "wrote" it for the first couple years. Back when no one read it. Anyway, when Chase came along he definitely became the family dog and now with Jacob around... Well what happened last night shows just how far he has fallen.

It was about 2am and I was nursing Jacob. I thought I heard a dog barking. I realized it was coming from outside and it sounded like Wagner. So I woke Brad up to see if Wagner was in our room. Sure enough it was Wagner outside. We must have let him out to use the bathroom before bed and forgot about him. So glad for a laid back dog and one that loves us enough to sit outside and wait for us to wake up and let him in!