Friday, October 29, 2010


This past Saturday we went to Legoland. We got free tickets when Brad was deployed and had to go this season so this was one of our last chances. I actually didn't think I would post about this - after the balloon ride Chase and I went on we lost the camera. There is still an arguement over who had it last :) It was kinda eerie last time I lost a camera was when K-State was playing at Baylor 4 years ago and lost. Guess what happened on Saturday - K-State lost at Baylor. It was so frusterating. Well it turns out I call two days ago and sure enough someone turned our camera in and they mailed it us free of charge! I was so happy! So there is one thing Brits do better than American - turn in lost cameras!

Before the lost camera incident we had a lot of fun and I think Chase did too. We went right away to do the rides he was able to do. It took 2 hours to get down there so Chase got tired after a couple hours. While it was fun, if we didn't have free tickets I don't think we would have gone. He was still a bit young for a lot of stuff.

They use about 25 million legos at Legoland. It was really pretty with a great view of Windsor Castle. Wish I could have got a picture of that and all the mini city scenes they made out of legos. That was pretty impressive. I can't complain though, I am just so happy to have the camera back!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Masters Degree

As I mentioned before Brad completed his MBA during the deployment. He says its only worth half a masters because he got it from Touro University International University (oh yeah, thats 2 universities in 1).It is a program that's geared toward military. It still took a lot of time and I am proud that Brad got it done before his major's board. We go the diploma in the mail the other day and Brad didn't even want to take a picture but I forced him!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

See you later!

Last night we had to say goodbye to our good friends. We have been lucky to be stationed with them twice. We lived across the street in Texas and then here. We joke that we are just going to follow them around in our career. We should find out soon where we are going next and it is a good chance it will be where they are going.  I wish I was good enough to dig out pictures from before this assignment but they are not on this computer so that is too much work. Here are a few pics from the last couple years.

Christmas Day 2008

I moved over here a week before Brad because I was very pregnant. It was easy to do knowing they would take good care of me :)

We went on a 12 day med cruise back in February.

 Julie and I kept each other sane during our guys two deployments.

In Wales

And last night...went to the park, got Indian food and said goodbye.
We will miss you guys!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Brad and I snuck away for a getaway this past weekend to Budapest. We had never been away the two of us without Chase. Its amazing how much you can see and do without a 2 year old in tow. Huge thanks to friends who watched Chase for us. Apparenetly he asked for me a lot but got to go to the pumpkin and play with friends.
With the old blogger I had to upload pictures backwards but I guess not with the new updates, so these pictures are in reverse order. Anyways, I was really wanting to go to Budapest to see a eastern europe country but it really wasn't that different. The first cafe we went to had Eminem playing over the speakers! It was part of the communist Soviet Union so that was different. On Monday we headed out to Memento park to see some of the rements of the communism.

Stalins boots. This used to be a statue of Stalin but when it was torn down only the boots remained so it became a symbol of revolution.

What the statue used to look like.

The car they all had to drive. It was small!

About 200 forint equaled 1 dollar.

Our indulgence. Chocolate croissants for breakfast!!

Proof we got to see some of Europe at night.

From the night river cruise on the Danube.

We decided to do the mineral baths and spas that are very popular there. We figured it was something that we wouldn't do if we had Chase. We went from scarves and coats to bathing suits so it was a little cold but the water was nice!

In Hero Square


Budapest used to be three different cites. Buda the mountains side (that we are on in this picture) and Pest was the flat side across the river. It became Budapest sometime in the 1800's.

The first night there we basically just went to dinner and crashed. We wanted to try some hungarian food. Brad is eating a curly haired hog and I tried the pullet with fried zucchini yougut. They  were both good - but I wanted to go for something a little safer the next night so we got pasta and pizza.

We had such a great time together. I read a whole book on the flights and we got to sleep in and get up whenever we want. We missed the little guy though and were glad to be home. Chase was making me pay for leaving and was not behaving pretty good the next morning. I hated having to be so strict after being gone but once he realized he wasn't getting away with anything he started acting better.

One last random picture, sometimes blogger is very annoying.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


A town about 4 miles from us is a big horses racing town. It was about  time for us to check it out. They were offering free admission onto the grounds and for a food and drink festival. We could have paid to go into the grandstands but that's okay.

We had to wake Chase up early from his nap as the races started at 2pm so he wasn't in the best mood to start but he did enjoy seeing the horses.

There was about 1 race every half hour so we had a lot of down time. We walked the grounds, played on the playground and got some food and drink. It was the first day it wasn't raining in about 2 weeks so we were enjoying being outside. Gotta hold off winter as long as we can!

Wanted a picture of just me and Brad but somone had to join us.

I dressed Chase to match Brad. I love this picture. My boys are so cute!!
We finally decided to place a couple bets. Chase with the non-winning ticket!