Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunday and Monday...

The next morning (Sunday) I got woken up bright and early and introduced to the world of enemas. Not fun! I could barely stand it. Brad was still taking care of the boys when I went down to the procedure room. Our friends were able to take the boys to church for us and then the Strohmeyers were going to take them to their house for the rest of the day. The RS was not fun but bearable but I was done with things going up my butt! The doctor said he couldn't quite see what he wanted to see so he sent me for a Barium Enema. That was awful!! My friend, Shannon, who works in that department said she was debating telling me the night before what I was in for! I'm glad she didn't. I remember both doctors looking over all the tests and x-rays and wondering what they were seeing. I also remember a long time spent in that bathroom getting all the stuff out of me and wondering why they didn't have a vent fan in that bathroom.

Anyways, the doctor finally came out and told me that they saw the mass that is causing blockage but that they need to do a full up colonoscopy the next day to get a better look at it and then there would be surgery the next day. That is when the doctor first said there is a chance it could be a cancerous tumor. I remember sitting on the hospital bed waiting for transport to take me back up fighting back tears at the reality of what he said. They gave me some water and tissues and it felt like forever till I could see Brad and get a hug. I finally got to the room and behind tears told Brad that there was a possibility of cancer. We gave ourselves a few minutes to take in the news and then knew we had to take our thoughts captive. That was something I knew I would fight for a while. I knew that I had to speak truth to myself instead of letting my mind run away with possibilities. We made plans for the boys the next day, Brad finally called his work and told them to take him off the schedule for Monday and maybe start finding a sub for him for the rest of the week, my parents were informed that things were looking a little more severe and there was lots of talks with our medical consultant, Brad's brother, who is a Radiology PA in Kansas. We also called our pastor, John, to bring us up some lunch so we could talk to him. We didn't want to tell many people what we were possibility looking at because we didn't want unnecessary worry or rumors to spread. We did mention it to John and remember all of us fighting back tears. We were so comforted by John reminding of us of the Gospel and the love of God for us even in this trial.

Later that afternoon, I began having some more stomach pain. It was very similar to the pain that brought me to the ER. I was able to get some medicine that put me out. I don't remember too much else about that night, I was really out of it. I do remember trying to drink the stuff for the colonoscopy and throwing up later. Brad had to go get the boys so some good friends got to deal with me. The original plan was for Brad to again stay home with the boys but when I woke up in the middle of the night him and Gavin were in the room. He wanted to be there if I got the pain again or needed anything in the middle of the night.  I had great nurses but they weren't always the quickest to respond to the call button.

Monday morning Brad went home to get the boys to different friends for the day. We eventually split up the boys so they wouldn't be such a burden on our friends. I don't remember much about the colonoscopy. I did have a pepsi-cola enema (that's not a joke) that morning and was proud of myself for holding it in longer. I also remember going down to the prep room and a baby crying. Not sure what was going on but it didn't help the nerves. After the colonoscopy our doctor came to our room and confirmed what they were suspecting. I had, what appeared to be, a cancerous tumor in my large intestine and would go into surgery the next morning.  Again, things were a blur after parents were called and they would head down later that day. A case worker from the hospital stopped by to see who needed notes for excused absences from work, friends brought lunch for Brad and we spent a lot of time in the word, meditating on the promises of God and taking comfort in that. Our pastor and Strohmeyers stopped by that night and I remember them praying for me. That happened a lot that weekend, groups of people circled around me praying. My parents got in late that night and Brad was able to be with me without worrying about Gavin in the room. We were able to get a good night sleep before the surgery the next day.

After a couple naps laying on the chair, they brought in a bed for Gavin.  He's grown a little since birth!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A visit to the ER

I first of all want to say again THANK YOU to everyone for the prayers, food, help with the boys, texts, facebook messages, flowers, etc. I am humbled by prayers and encouragement from all over the world. Here are a couple pictures of being home with my family. With that said I want to write a little more of everything that happened for my own record and for anyone else interested.

I had been having stomach pain pooping trouble emptying my bowel for a few weeks now. I diagnosed myself with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and told myself to drink more water and eat more fiber. Last Saturday morning the younger boys were napping, Brad and Chase were running to work to check email and the contractors were working on painting our ceiling. I had went to the bathroom and like normal my stomach hurt and immediately afterwards I felt like I had to go again. The stomach pain was back and stayed longer than normal. After a minute or two of not letting up I knew something was wrong. I tried to get comfortable, started running the bath water to relieve the pain but it just kept coming. It felt like a contraction that wasn't letting up. I actually thought it was kidney stones. It felt similar to the gall stones I had but lower in the stomach. I finally called Brad and told him to come back that something wasn't right. He asked if he needed to start making arrangements for the boys and I said not yet but called back a few minutes later and told him to go ahead and find someone for the boys and that I wanted him to take me to the ER. Some friends/neighbors were able to take Chase and our next door neighbor came over while Jacob was napping and was then to going to take him over to our friends. Brad came back, loaded up stuff for Gavin and we were on our way to the ER. Brad dropped me off at the front door and I stumbled to the front desk (after standing at a glass wall for a few seconds thinking it was an automatic door.) I described my pain and they got me in a room pretty quick. Of course, as soon as I get to a room I feel the pain start to decrease. I finally got an IV and medicine, talked to a PA and eventually got an x-ray and a CT Scan. My pain is pretty much gone by this point so I feel really bad for being up there. I was hoping they would find something so I knew the pain wouldn't come back and I wasn't wasting everyone's time. Meantime, Gavin has to learn to take a bottle and we worried that we are getting robbed blind by the contractors back at the house. Thankfully, our neighbors graciously agree to sit at our house until the contractors finished.  After a while the PA said that it wasn't kidney stones or my appendix but they did see a condition in my large intestine call Intussusception. It is not very common in adults so there is normally something that causes it and the doctor said were going to admit me that night and do a rigid sigmoidoscopy in the morning to look for a fatty tumor or polyp or something like that that was causing it. He made it very clear that he said a fatty tumor and a malignant tumor in someone my age and health was very rare.  Since I wasn't in pain at that time Brad was going to leave me there and go home with the boys.  A couple close friends visited and I had to start drinking stuff to clean out my colon.  More to come in the next post....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Please Pray for our Family

For those of you not on Facebook, I thought I'd make a quick post to update you on the last 72 hrs of our lives.  Saturday morning I took (this is Brad writing....standby for poor grammar and typos) Janell to the ER for severe abdominal pain.  They ran multiple tests and on the colonoscopy Monday morning they found a tumor that they suspect to be malignant in her large intestine.  As I'm typing this, Janell is in surgery having that section of her colon removed.  We won't know for sure if it is cancerous until the biopsy comes back later today, but they seem confident that it is.  We've been so blessed by the out pouring of prayer and concern from everyone.  In all of this we hope to bring glory to God.  As I've been on my knees praying for my wife in tears I feel God's grace and know that no matter what he is our rock and our salvation. We remember the gospel during this time and the suffering the Christ endured for us.  Thank you again for all your prayers......we are so thankful for everyone that God has placed in our lives and the support that you are.  I'll post more as I find out.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gavin is 2 months!

Hard to believe this little guy is 2 months!  He had his well baby appointment this morning and weighed 14 lbs 9 oz (93%) and was 24 3/4 inches (93%). He also got some shots, poor baby. He has started smiling although it is hard to get on camera. He is still sleeping in our bathroom because we can't bring ourselves to put any of the kids together. We are thinking of maybe moving Gavin into Chase's room when he is consistently sleeping through the night.

An attempt to get a smile on camera.

Our 3 boys.

There was a delay in posting because the boys an I were up at my parents for a few days and Brad flew up for the weekend to drive back with us. The drive up was wasn't too bad but stopping to nurse and eat was interesting. Lets just say I am so glad they are helpful at Chick Fil-A! We had a great time playing with friends at the library and splash park, Chase's first sleepover, Chase's first MLB game (go O's!), cornhole in the neighborhood, Chuck e Cheese, double date with friends,  getting my toes painted fun colors by a friend, running into friends from England at my parents church, getting lots of help from the grandparents, playing with cousin Tiana, etc. I didn't get many pictures though. I will see if I can get a couple off of Brad's phone.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Soccer Camp

The week before the beach Chase attended a week long soccer camp with his buddy Asher. They both did really well. They were tired by the end of the week though!

Getting their posters/letters from Coach Beth at the end of camp.

Like I said TIRED! This is the best I could get at the end.