Sunday, May 27, 2012

Music N Motion aka Dance Class

Brad can call it whatever he wants to feel better about his son taking it....Chase loved it! We've been going to dance class once a week during the school year.  Instead of doing the big recital with the dance studio the class decided to turn the last day of class into a little recital. The song they were doing was "Talk Like a Pirate" so they all had to find pirate outfits. So glad I didn't have to spend $50+ on a outfit they will wear for 2 minutes. Chase does not like dress up and I had to bribe him with candy to put the outfit on and had to bribe him to do the dance with ice cream afterwards. The scowl on his face is not him pretending to be a pirate - its his bad attitude!

With his buddies, Asher, Micaiah and Noah!

Doing a little warm up for us.

Walking the plank.

The class lined up ready to do the dance.

Didn't get any great pictures of the dance. We did take some video but I don't feel like trying to get it upload.  My computer is waiting for a new battery so I am on the Mac.

Monday, May 21, 2012


There were a couple runs on base Saturday that the boys decided to do. Chase was one of the youngest to run the 1/2 mile but we wanted to see how he would do.  Brad ran the 5K but I had to go let Jacob nap so we didn't get to cheer him on.

 He was one of the slowest but he ran the whole time! 

Crossing the finish line. I was so proud. Of course, then I saw some friends of friends and their 3 year old smoked Chase. Oh well!

If anyone is not my facebook friend here is the photo I posted on my page. 39 weeks and ready!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

End of Year Celebrations

As I mentioned in my post yesterday (yes I know my posts come in bunches) we've had some end of the year celebrations. Last night was the AWANA awards night. Chase got a cubbie bear for finish his first year. The kids memorized 35 verses throughout the year. Towards the end of the year he was saying that he didn't want to go but he always seemed to come home happy from it, telling me what they did. It also got hard picking him up at night since Brad seemed to be always working and Jacob goes to bed before its done. Grateful for friends who would drop him off!

With his buddies Will and Abi. They are excited to go get ice cream!

Today was the end of the year picnic for the Wee Wings program. I thought the program was great (especially for being free). We are taking a little step up in preschool next year and he will go 3 days a week for 3 hours a day. Here's a few pictures of Chase with his teachers, Ms. Sophia..

and Ms. Haley.

His class. 
We know a few of them through daddy's work so hopefully we can keep in touch over the summer.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

11 Months!

I'm proud of myself for getting this post up before my sweet baby becomes my middle child. He's been a little under the weather lately but still my happy boy. We took him to the doctors on Saturday so I know he weighs almost 24 lbs. He's getting into everything...the dog water dish, the steps, the pantry, cabinets, toilets, etc. A lot of childproofing when on this past weekend. He has 8 teeth and I think we are on a break from teething, which is a relief. I'm still not quite ready to move him to Chase's room. We will play that by ear when the baby gets here.

Showing his new trick - peek a boo. We are now working on waving bye bye and blowing kisses. 

All of Chase's activities are winding down for the summer. I like the routine but am looking forward to not having to run out and drop him off places, especially when Jacob is sleeping. We had his AWANA awards night tonight and have his Wee Wings end of the year picnic tomorrow.

Chase has been a klutz lately and gets a ton of boo-boo's. 
He talks about them all the time and  has them all labeled...

here's his train station boo-boo....

and his street boo-boo...

and his nose boo-boo...

thank goodness his steps boo-boo and park boo-boo are feeling better!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Surprise Beach Trip

Daddy surprised us with a 3 day trip to the beach earlier this week! He took 2 days off work, found the beach house and everything! I love surprises (but am also a planner so that makes it kinda hard) and I had wanted to get away as a family of 4 before our lives get more crazy but didn't think it was going to happen. As I look back now I should have seen some of the clues! 

We had great weather and pretty much hit the beach as soon as we could. Chase loved it. He is a great age, where he can entertain himself but isn't too daring!

Jacob did pretty well too. We kept his pacifier in his mouth otherwise he would put his fingers in there covered in sand. Hard to get away from the sand at the beach :)

Couldn't get a good one of them smiling.

On Monday morning we headed to the aquarium. 

Back to the beach that afternoon!

 36 weeks and ready for this baby (I think)!

 Our awesome view!

We stopped in Wilmington on the way home for lunch and a train museum.

What a great but tiring time. Now we are just here, gearing up for #3. I am still hoping for early but not holding my breath!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Warrior Banquet

On Friday night, we went to the Ops Group Warrior Banquet. They hand out Warrior Awards and its a chance for all the squadrons to get together. Our squadron didn't have the best turnout but a lot of our friends were going to we decided to go. A lot of the girls were wearing flight suit dresses and I didn't want to be left out. A friend who wasn't going said she had an empire waist one from before that I could try. I made it work! Thanks April!

A small part of it is the water gun/food fight. I thought my husband who is a boy at heart was going to get thrown in the pool or something how much he was spraying people. I just tried to stay out of the way. Here is Brad with 2 guys we have now been stationed with 3 times. I took a picture with their wives but I didn't like how I look so I didn't post it :)

The function was in a hanger and they brought several jets out for background decoration!
It was a fun night with friends but it was my third event of the day and I was tired! It's starting to heat up here and this last month might be long!!