Thursday, April 23, 2009


Chase is sitting right next to me and not letting me do anything else so I figured I would write an update. We are back in the UK now after a fun 2 day trip to Germany. Our plane diverted on Monday night and we found ourselves at Spangdalhem AB. There were a total of 3 families who we teamed up with to try to figure out how to get home. Even as I write this now it doesn't seem like that big of deal but in the moment when you are just so ready to be home and not sure how to get there it was a little overwhelming. Once we landed we called to Ramstein AB to see if there were any flights to Mildenhall. What luck there was one the next morning. We got a hotel on the base there and we were good to go. We called a cab who would take all of us down there for 180 Euro - not bad. We were in the cab just outside the base and the cab driver said I just got a call from my boss and it is actually going to be 250 euro. I guess they don't honor the price the quote you. So we turned around and ended up at the lodging on Spang. Lucky for us I have a couple friends there and went to dinner with the Whites and Rachael and her husband! So I actually got to see a little bit of Germany. Got up at 4am to catch a shuttle to Ramstein the next morning. We got there and signed up for flights. There were three flights going to Mildenhall but it turns out they didn't release a seat on any of them. I ended up mailing my luggage back to me here (you can ship for free from overseas base to overseas base.) You should have seen me and other guy lugging a total of 10 suitcases to the post office. I could just see them saying - this is not the airport. We did this to prepare to fly commerical. Ryan Air is pretty cheap but you are only allowed about 15 kg for checked baggage and mine was way more than that (shopping in the states was great - I did my part to help the economy). There are hefty fines for every kilo over the weight limit. We got a room close to Ramstein and headed there for a few hours. I say that because the only commerical flights were either 6:30am or 10:30pm. So we had to catch at cab at 2:15am to catch a shuttle at 2:55am to get to the airport in time for our flight. Like I said it seems simple now but there was tons of time on the computer figuring out flights - figuring out to get to the airport -figuring out who was going to pick us up. It was tiring! Then once we got on our flight there was a 30 minute delay as they had a mix up of number of passengers on the plane. I was thinking we are soo close are we going to make it?! But we did and it was good to be back. Both Chase and Wagner were so excited to see each other and we are adjusting to England time.

Chase and his "friend" Brecken for our 1o minute cab ride before they decided to jack up the price.

Hanging out at the childrens play area at the pax terminal at Ramstein. Brecken is a month younger but already a crawler. Maybe Chase will learn something from him!
Chase and his "friend" Gavin. Gavin loved Chase and was so helpful entertaining him while I was making arrangements. He loved pushing the stroller which was nice because I could not carry all my luggage by myself.
Waiting for the shuttle at 2:30am. So happy to be home!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Since S.Russell Photography is not around I headed to JC Penny for some 9 month pictures for Chase. I was pretty happy with how they turned out!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating our Risen Savior. I've been getting bugged to post some more pictures for the daddy so here are a sampling of our time in Maryland so far. We are having so much fun and are going to miss everyone when we leave.

Playing video games with Uncle Kevin

On nice days we like going to the park.

My dad read this book (Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel) to us when we were little so we gave it to him when we told my parents we were pregnant.

Chase is 9 months!

Having fun playdates with Korey.

My dad read Spot's First Easter to the grandkids. It was really about an Easter egg hunt so then we hid a couple eggs around the living room for Tiana. She picked up on it real quick!

Chase reading his Easter card from his grandparents in Kansas.

More nice days...more parks!
Chase and I on Easter! Don't know what happened to the colors but I thought it was a good picture!

Friday, April 03, 2009

San Antonio!

Chase and I made a quick visit to San Antonio to visit my good friend Ashley and see her adorable kiddos. I got to see James for a few hours before he left for a trip but then it was girl time! Chase is such a little traveler now. Here he is deciding what drink he wants with his snack! It was nice so we headed to the park.

Thomas and Chase

The only picture we got of the 3 of them. Ellie is only 7 weeks old and a great baby!

We attempted to go to lunch and all the kids did great! We even got to have some adult conversation. Thanks so much for having us come down Ashley!

I also got to see my good friend Christy and her girl Vivenne. Vivenne was due a week after Chase and born a week earlier than him.