Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring break

Spring break started out rough with all of us getting sick! 3 of us before heading out to Colorado, Micah on the way out there and Brad and Chase while we were there :( Our friends luckily still took us in and we had a great time. It was beautiful weather. I wish I would have gotten a few more pictures but we were in survival mode. 
We did manage to get to a discovery place and  the kids enjoyed it there.
Big train table!
A tornado
Playing outside.
We still had several days left of spring break when we got back so we headed to the KC zoo. We got a membership so we hope to go back.
Riding the skyview

Happy St. Patricks Day!
Getting pedi's with my good friend and neighbor, Bree. 
Had a quick visit to Union Station.

Chase went with his friend to drop off a donation to an animal shelter. Instead of gifts for her birthday she asked for donations.


My great nephew Isaac. They moved to Hawaii and came to see us before they moved.
We got to have lunch with Brad.
Playing with cousin Lucas.
After I went tubing with the ladies we took the older 2 and had a blast! 
We went with our good friends and neighbors. 
Chase and Kara just went off. He seems so old when there is a 3 and 4 year old keeping you busy!
We went to Chick Fil-a one night and hit the jackpot. They were  having a valentines party and we got balloons, candy, ice cream sundaes and a coupon for nuggets in the future.
He wanted a balloon dog.
Lots of hi-fives for the cow!
Our tradition of homemade heart pizzas for valentines day. 

At the end of our treasure hunt with their gifts. Brad really wanted to get them these toy guns so they got a little bigger gift than normal.
Enjoying new toys.
Making heart cookies
The winter was busy with basketball. Jacob enjoyed playing with his buddy Jack.
Getting his medal.
Gavin did really well with the drills.
Chase had a great year playing as well. He scored in all but one game. 
Getting his trophy.
Got to play with his good buddy from class.
Jacob told me to take this picture.
I posted this video on facebook but I couldn't stop laughing at them dancing to a one direction song.
Couldn't get a good picture of these 3 year olds but I met my cousin and her girls at a museum and for lunch. 
Playing at the post office.
Train tables are hit for us.
Jacob wearing a shirt that was mine in Kindergarten!