Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Better Late than Never!

Dad got his assignment today and he got his first choice! He will be flying the F-15E Strike Eagle! I am so proud of him, he works so hard and we are excited to see him rewarded. For more information on the plane click here.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Our 7-11 Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend up in Colorado visiting with family and meeting family for mom. We left after work on Wednesday and got there early afternoon on Thursday. We ate snacks for lunch as the plan was to watch the Kansas City/Denver football game and order pizza. We were planning our big Thanksgiving dinner on Friday when the whole family would be there (so mom thought). We ended up going to 7-11 for some taquitos to tide us over till dinner. Well dad's aunt and uncle come over for the game with popcorn, apples and pie since all the pizza places were closed. Which would sound great if you stuffed yourselves for lunch and just want something lite for dinner. Well since we were pretty hungry we run back out and the only thing open was 7-11 so we grabbed some more taquitos for dinner. The dinner on Friday turned out to be at the nursing home so on the menu was taco pie, fish and macaroni and cheese. So needless to stay this is the most hungry we have ever been over a Thanksgiving weekend. But we were there with the best company - family!

Us girls were debating about going shopping early in the morning. But the whole family just ended up going later in the morning on Friday. We went to a model train museum on Saturday morning that is still in the process of being built. Dad's uncle knew the owner so we got a private tour. It is amazing the amount of detail that goes into the scenes.

We headed out of town Saturday after lunch and made it home around 1:30pm on Sunday. Mom promptly went to the store, bought food and we had our own Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday night complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatos and green bean cassarole. Didn't have time to make pies so we just had chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

The family with grandma. You can't tell in this picture but we look forward to welcoming a new member in the family in the middle of January!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Catching up...

We have had a busy past couple weekends. People always ask what we do for fun since we kinda live in the middle of nowhere. Well it causes you create your own fun. Last weekend we had a squadron progressive dinner/house crawl. Four different houses were a part of the crawl and each house had a different country as a theme. There was Japan with sushi and spring rolls, Ireland with guiness soup and car bombs, etc. We walked to each house and tried all the different foods and drinks. It was so much fun! We have been "tailgating" and watching K-State games with our good friends down the street on Saturdays. One game was great! We won't talk about the most recent game. The AWANA Grand Prix was on Saturday so mom and dad went to support the kids in their clubs. Last Friday night Georgia's mom has a birthday party for Georgia and her dad. I had fun with all my friends and playing with her toys. There was a fire for the adults to sit around and hang out. Playing with a ball that releases food when it is rolled around. I need to request one of these for Christmas.
Doggies and mommies.

Georgia's mom had a treat in her hand and it had our attention.I ate a little too much that night and didn't chew my food and I threw up all over Georgia's patio. So my dad took me home and I had to go to bed. It has been fun hanging out the past couple weekends. Mom and dad are excited to go up to Colorado with dad's family for Thanksgiving. I get to stay with Georgia.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thank You

We want to take a moment on Veterans Day to thank all those that have served or our serving our country. We know several people overseas now (including some neighbors and mom's good friend's husbands) and many more who have served in the past several years. We have even mourned with friends who have loved ones that have made the ultimate sacrafice.

Romans 13:4 "For he is God's servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment to the wrongdoer." We are so grateful to live in a country that is free, especially free to worship. So thank you to those that have made that possible.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chili Cook off in Terlingua

This past weekend mom and dad went out to Big Bend National Park and the International Chili Cook Off in Terlingua. Our good friends who go every year invited us. This year they even flew back from Florida. It was great for my parents to see them this year. Last year I got to go but this year they took friends instead. Mom is still waiting on pictures from her friend from this year but here are a few from last year. Sammi and I at the campfire at the cook off. We never saw an ounce of chili while we were there. I guess they make very small portions to better control the ingredients. We basically were just there for the entertainment - Texas country music. Terlingua used to be a huge mercury mining town which no longer exists but parts of several buildings still do wso now it is known as the ghost town. They have a cafe there that has wonderful food, we really liked the guacamole. We never like guac till we got to Texas.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fall Festival Fun Part 2

Since we get all the Kansas jokes we figured we would just go with it! Dad's costume was the best. Although some of the little kids were scared of him. We dressed up a couple years ago and since then everyone kinds of expects it. People at church were asking what we were going to be this year so we couldn't disappoint them.

At one point we had a line of kids outside our house. When there was finally a break in kids we snuck off to church to help out at the fall festival.

Help, the tinman needs oil!

Two A&M yell leaders.
Our game to be in charge of was the balls in a bucket. Those ping pong balls went everywhere! Dad's costume was a little tight so when he had to pick up the balls he ripped some seams. So mom was stuck chasing the balls and with the ruby red high heels her feet were hurting. By the end of the night we made the kids get their own balls!

Fall Festival Fun Part 1

On Friday night our squadron had a fall festival. Mom and Morgan. She did not like dad's costume at all. She is scared of him even when he is not in costume. When we first got our costumes in the mail and tried them on we laughed so hard we invited Morgans family down to laugh with us. As soon as she walked in and saw dad she got so scared. She hasn't wanted to be around him since.
The squadron was decorated and kids could go to each flight room to get candy. Then were was a lot food and games for the kids.