Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jacob is 7 months!

Before we left for Kansas I had Jacob's 6 month well baby appointment on his 7 month birthday. He was 20 lbs 12 oz. (82nd percentile), 28.25 inches (85th percentile) and 43.5 inches head circumference (27th percentile). His head doesn't seem that small to me. He is getting harder for me to carry (as I am getting bigger!). He loves to eat. I have even started giving him cheerios which he likes to feed himself. I think he gets about 1 out of every 10 in his mouth. He sits up really well and sometimes acts like he wants to crawl but I am okay with him waiting a bit. He still only has 2 teeth and I keep thinking that more will pop through any day. I think the fussy times he has are due to teething.

I get so many comments on his eye lashes. Wanted to get a close up!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Meeting Kieryn!

After visiting with Brad's family for a week we headed up to Manhattan, KS to see my brother and his family. We were so excited to meet our niece, Kieryn. She is a month younger than Jacob. Again, I didn't have my camera so this post might look pretty similar to their's :)

Jacob was about 6 pounds bigger and was sitting up better but Keiryn is crawling! 

Lots of new toys for Jacob to play with!

Sunday was pretty nice so we had to spend a little bit of time outside. Thank goodness uncle Steven is always willing to play with Chase.

 Checking out some of the animals at Uncle Waynes.

Missing Tiana. Excited to get all 5 cousins together this summer!

It was easier to say goodbye knowing we will seeing most of my family again this summer. Yep, we have 2 beach trips booked in the Outer Banks!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time in Kansas

We just got back from 10 days in Kansas.  We were hoping to do a beach trip this summer but baby #3 messed up those plans so when we saw cheap tickets to Kansas we decided to book them. Tickets are always cheap in January and we know why. It was cold and we had to keep busy inside which sometimes we had a hard time finding something to do. But we managed to keep busy and have fun with family. The boys checked out a kids museum while us girls got manis/pedis. 

We took Addi and Chase one day to an indoor bouncy castle place. They had a lot of fun!

The favorite was the big slide.

Watching train movies with grandpa.

The guys also managed to go shooting and check out a movie. Chase got to attend a birthday party for Addi. We took everyone to Chuck e Cheese and Red Robin and got to play a lot of games inside (my favorite). We also had a family gathering on Sunday afternoon with a lot of extended family. Hopefully that post is coming soon. I forgot the SD card to our camera and the camera is fading fast so I have to rely on getting pictures from others.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cotton Bowl

We missed american football so much while we were in England and it was a pleasant surprise this season that K-State did so well. We decided towards the end of the season we were going to the bowl game this year. My mom graciously took off a day of work and kept the boys for us so we could go and actually watch the game. It was so nice traveling without kids. I read a book on the way there and one on the way back. We stayed with a friend that Brad knew from college and were able to meet up pregame with one of my good friends. 

Julie and I before the game.

Cowboys stadium is ridculous. The logos of the schools were etched in glass. The place was huge, there were fountains in the common areas, the seats were comfortable and the big screen was huge. I am not zoomed in for this shot at all. Aren't our seats great?! Huge shout out to Joe and Molly for the hook up! If we were to get tickets on our own, we would have paid more and sat in the nose bleed section!

You can kinda see my baby bump.

Brad and his friend Joe. 

The game didn't go our way but we still had a lot of fun. We were thinking it might need to be a tradition every year! I got this picture texted to me pre-game. Our whole family bleeds purple!! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time with Friends

On New Years Eve we were crazy partiers by going over to a friends house for dinner. We even put the kids to bed at my parents then went to play games till about 10pm. Like I said we are crazy! I wish I would have gotten a pregnant picture with my friend Kristine. She is due with her third (a boy) at the end of the month. Yeah for more buddies between our families. Here are the big buddies, Korey and Chase.

The boys and I stayed up in Maryland for a week. Brad ran back down to work for 2 days before we headed to the Cotton Bowl. We enjoyed getting together with friends for a few playdates.  One day we met a the Rock n'Tumble gym with the Kauflins and Huckabys. The kids had a blast. I was surprised to have to pay for Jacob but he enjoyed playing with the toys as well.

Kyleigh had fun too!

The three year olds...Korey, Chase and Elizabeth.

Adding Kathryn to the mix!

The first night we were there, we dropped the boys off with my parents and headed to DC to meet some Air Force friends (that we knew in England) for drinks. My brother Kevin is always going out when we are there so we convinced him to come out with us for a bit before meeting up with his crowd.