Sunday, May 01, 2016


The boys were a little excited here for opening day!

Tickets to opening day were expensive so he went to the second game and got to see the players get their rings!

Going to the zoo in Hutchinson with cousin Addi!

Train ride!

We stopped in Manhattan on the way home and got to run the bases after the KSU baseball game.

Now riding the train at the KC zoo!

Best $2 spent! Frozen yogurt at Sams.

Gavin and Jacob completed swimming lessons. Ready for the summer now!

I got to attend a breakfast put on by the chapel and heard Joe Gibbs speak!

A family divided!

Loved having our friends visit. We got to see the Orioles win the K!

Chase and Korey at baseball games thru the years.

We discovered a Roly Poly on the way home from walking Jacob to school. It made me grateful I could stay at home so we can enjoy these moments. 

We went on a field trip to the farm with Gavin's class. I only had Gavin and Micah but they kept me busy and it was hard to get good pictures. 

Date night!