Wednesday, December 10, 2014

First of December

Some pictures from the first few days of December. Always a busy time of year. Right after my family left Brad's roommate from KSU and his family came for a quick visit while they were on the east coast. 
It was a beautiful day when they were here so we got the bouncy castle out and then roasted marshmallows after dinner.  Jacob and his future college roommate Will.

Watching KSU on the last game of the season. The basketball team was also on TV. We lost both :(
He wasn't as messy as the others.

Decided to have some fun with "snow" one night.
At the kids Christmas Pary for Daddy's work. We still don't do Santa but wanted the stocking with the gifts :)
We got to have Jacob's buddy Emma over for lunch one day after school. With their school only an 1 1/2 hours we help each other out a lot afterwards!
Part of the Christmas tree.
Looking at the lights.
Sweet boy!

With all the visitors then Brad being on night weeks we didn't have time to get our tree as a family. Daddy and Jacob got it one morning after dropping Chase off at school. Then we decorated the tree that night. Chase was one really into it.

Monday, December 08, 2014


The weekend before Thanksgiving we met our good friends the Kauflins outside Boone, NC. It was close to the halfway point - they drove a little further - thanks guys!

It was a quick weekend but fun to catch up! We went on one quick hike to a waterfall that the kids loved! 
Chase and Korey leading the way.

The girls. You can't even tell she is 8+ months pregnant!

Eating marshmallows back at the cabin.

He kept asking to sit by me. I know he was tired and when we go home he had a slight fever. 

We couldn't find the VCR to hook up so we had to use the ipad. They watched it for a few minutes.
The kiddos.

Sunday, December 07, 2014


My family came down our way for Thanksgiving again this year. Brad was able to join us on Friday after sitting up in Newark for a few days. Here's some pics from my iphone in no particular order.

Love seeing them read the bible together.

We decided to eat our Thanksgiving dinner at 4. Wasn't a good plan as none of the kid were hungry yet. Oh well. Lesson learned for next year.
Determined to deep fry a turkey even with Brad gone. Just took a couple calls to Brad to figure it out.
The adults trying to get the kids to smile for a picture.

Gavin got sick while I was out shopping on black Friday. I do love sick kid cuddles!
Chase got invited to an ice skating party and Tiana got to come too. They both did really well!
Thankfully uncle Kevin went out on the ice with the kids!
So proud of him - wasn't sure how he would do.

These two seem pretty easy going. It was fun watching them interact. Micah started taking steps over the weekend!
Chase and I ran the 1 mile wobble gobble together on Thanksgiving morning. Uncle Kevin ran the 5K and came in 6th!
We got to celebrate Grandpop's birthday with him on Wednesday.
Making apple turkeys.
A beautiful rendition of Let it Go!
At Chase's Thanksgiving breakfast at school.