Sunday, August 26, 2007


There have been a lot of lasts since Wednesday. I know moving in the military is nothing new but this has been our home for the 4+ years of dad and mom's marriage and my entire life has been here so it is defintely bittersweet. Here are some of our "lasts"...

Mom's last day of work. We all went out to mom's favorite local restaurant Union Cafe.

Dad's last flight. Mom got to spray him down but he got the hose and got her too! They then had a little ceremony where they presented him with awards and dad got to say his last few words.

Last trip to San Antonio. Mom and Dad hit Sea World, had the car worked on went to a nice steak dinner and hit a few stores. It was wonderful time of recounting God's faithfulness to us these past few years. (These pictures were taken 2 summers ago when they went to Sea World - mom left the camera this year in the car at the dealership)

Last Sunday at church. When members leave the church, they call them up at the end of the service and say thanks and pray for them. We got this gift with a picture of the church and verse and everyone signed the back. We have been very blessed by the church.

Last softball game! There is still a round robin tournament that mom will have to miss. They gave mom a plaque and we all had cake! Good luck the rest of the season Blaze!

Packers come tomorrow and movers on Tuesday, we will be driving out on Friday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Triathlons for Dogs?

If there was one I would be ready! Dad took these pictures for a good luck card for mom last Saturday. He is a great husband! They really need a kid so they will stop dressing me up!




Sunday, August 19, 2007


Because of flooding on the bike course, the triathlon turned into a duathlon. 2 mile run, 400m swim, 2 mile run. Mom finished in 48:20 and she was pretty happy with her time. She is now motivated to do a triathlon so she is going to start pressuring friends on the east coast!

Eating pasta the night before!

Before the race - they were still unsure at this point!

They're off - so fast you couldn't even get a picture!

After the race - toasting with mimosas.

Our group - with the race t-shirts on!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Good luck mom!

This is me and my good friend Georgia with our moms. Our moms are headed to San Antonio this afternoon to do their first triathlon tomorrow morning! They have been training together for a little while now and ready to go! There has been a lot of storms and flooding around there lately so they are hoping that the race is not canceled and they can get to San Antonio safely.

Two weeks from today until we hit the road on our way to the East coast! The time is going so fast. I hope I can meet some good friends there like Georgia. I am really going to miss her!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Snake or Giant Earthworm

Mom has been training for a triathlon next Saturday and I have been working with her on the running. Several times when mom and I go running we see small snakes. Dad never believes us! Of course when we all go running as a family we never see anything. So a couple days ago we saw this little guy and as soon as we got home from the run mom jumped in the car hoping he was there to take a pictures. This time we could prove we saw one! Dad believes us but is now saying it is not a snake just a giant earthworm! We just tell him we don't know where the mom is and we still don't have to like them!

Monday, August 06, 2007


Dad and mom headed to Houston this past weekend to go to a friend of mom's wedding reception. They stayed with Dad's cousin who lives north of Houston. Dad's favorite part of the weekend was getting to ride the dirt bikes.Dad's cousins live on a couple acres and formed a dirt bike trail. It is amazing how they can go around that loop and not get bored!
They cleaned up and headed down to Houston for the reception. The bride and groom got married in Equador a couple weeks ago so that is why it was just a reception.She wore her dress again and looked beautiful. Two other friends from college made it down from Kansas so it was nice for mom to get to catch up with them.

The roses were beautiful and there were so many of them. They came from the bride's cousin's rose farm in Equador and were sent to the country club to arrange them.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Baby Shower Saturday

There have been several articles talking about the woes Northwest Airlines had with cancelled flights over the weekend. Well mom was in the middle of all that but she made it back to Maryland and got her luggage in time to attend the baby showers. Her flight got delayed heading back too so she got to spend an extra night with her parents. I know she is excited to be a little closer in a month!

Here are Kevin and Tiffany opening gifts. They got so many nice things everyone was very generous. There are a couple pictures of Tiana (she fell asleep through most of it) but they are on mom's mom camera so I will post them later.

A neighborhood friend who helped handing out the gifts to the new parents. She did a great job and took it very seriously!

The second shower was for mom's good friend who is due in beginning of September. Mom hasn't seen her in a long time but when we move to the East Coast we will only be a couple hours away!
These three have been friends for a long time! They survived high school and celebrated weddings and now get to move on babies!
Mom and her mom were pretty tired at the end of the day!