Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter and other activities

Back in March was the base crud tournament. Our team won! We finished up after 1am so we were a little exhausted.

We ran a 5k at Chase's school. Here is Chase with a few of his classmates. We are really going to miss the school when we move. 

Our friend, Ginger, offered to watch the boys while we ran. It reminded us of our pre-kid days - sigh....

Micah's new trick.

Every now and then Jacob still falls asleep during naps. I thought it was so cute him in the tunnel.

Chase at his easter egg hunt at school.

They had an Easter egg relay so it lasted longer than 10 seconds.

We went up to my parents for Easter because Brad was on call with United.  We participated in the yearly neighborhood egg hunt.

Chase is off! He found the golden egg and got $5!

The grandkids. 

Experiencing the ice cream truck. YUM!

Some things you don't have to teach boys - like how to throw rocks in the water.

We stayed in Maryland for Spring Break. We visited the Air and Space Museum.

See you next month!