Sunday, January 31, 2016


After an amazing two week Christmas break....we had to move forward into January. The first weekend back we had nothing planned. Just hang out and watch football. Well Chase came home that Friday with the class pet and they had to document their adventures. So we figured we better do something!

We used our free guest pass at the local ymca to check out their swimming pool.
The puppy got to cheer on the Chiefs. 
The class puppy met Chase's puppy.
This is a terrible picture but I remember Chase wearing the brown sweater when Brad wore his so I had to take a picture. Here's the link to that post.
Cool dude
I talked to Gavin about being really brave for dentist. He started out okay. And things went downhill. But it only took 2 of us to hold him down unlike 4 like last time.
Micah did great at his first dentist appt. 
We checked out Cabela's on a cold Friday night. Kids loved the fish.

And they loved the shooting range.
Playing with light sabers they got from their cousins. 
Jacob and cousin Kieryn. Jacob really wanted to be a princess so Brad had to make this ensemble rather quickly.
We were sad to see the Chiefs season end. It was a lot of fun to be in Kansas for the first time the Royals and Chiefs made the playoffs!
Playing with Aunt Melissa.
We were so happy that Grandma was able to fly in for a quick weekend. It had been way too long.
Checking out the tubing close by.
Can't wait to take the boys!


We had snow after Christmas. The boys were so excited to play in it! We are still hoping for another couple snowstorms. This was not enough!

Micah did well but he doesn't last too long.

Back inside watching.

Found a sledding hill close by.

Chase and his friend Kara.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


I figured I better get this updated while I am only a month behind. This is kinda boring post. Just the boys opening gifts on Christmas day. Here's a rundown of how all the kids handled the morning....
Chase - up early but waited patiently for his brothers. Was very systematic with everything. Wanted things to keep moving but had to stay in order :)
Jacob - wanted to open and play with everything.
Gavin - wanted to open everything right away.
Micah - opened a few of his gifts then wanted to play with everyone's toys.

We had a great morning at home. The boys are at a really fun age. And not doing Santa takes nothing away from the "magic" of the day.

Playing with the train till everyone got up.

Everyone up and ready.

We were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa join us for Christmas dinner. We showed them Union Station the next day before they had to head back to beat the snow.