Monday, October 31, 2011


We are still not sure what we believe about this holiday and what we want Chase to do/participate in. I do think it is super cute to dress kids up though. Daddy's office had a candy hunt that we went to. Then our plan was to go around to our neighbors and trick or treat but it was raining pretty good so we only went to a few. Unfortunately since it was raining we have a lot of candy left over. Chase did pick up on the idea of candy pretty quickly! We had picked out an outfit together at Old Navy and he was going to be a monkey but he absolutely refused to wear it. So getting him to wear a flight suit was our only option. Its funny because he kept calling him Daddy's co-pilot (a t-shirt he has). Our fighter friends will know that you don't say you want to be a co-pilot in a fighter pilot squadron! We also had the cutest little lion!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is the perfect time of year to be in NC! The weather has been very nice out and we try to take advantage of being outside. With out backyard still under construction that leaves us with bike rides and chalk on the driveway. For a kid that doesn't really like to color he loves chalk. He is also doing really well with his letters. He can recognize most of them most, most of the time. He is also learning to write them. Here are a few examples...

This is supposed to be an "E."

Working on his name. 

Jacob is always so content outside. We've been home a lot trying to get Jacob on a good nap schedule. He is in between the nap every feeding cycle and longer naps (morning and afternoon) with a short evening nap. He is at the fun age where he is interactive and smiles a ton but pretty much stays in the same place when you put him down. Not ready to be chasing 2 little boys!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I enjoyed being a little bored during the game today. Go K-State!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


We took a couple days and headed to Williamsburg as a family. We wanted to take advantage of the free tickets to Busch Gardens for military. We had a great time but it was tiring. Having all 4 of us in one hotel room is not ideal. I don't realize how much noise Jacob makes at night until I worry it will wake up Chase. 

After we got there and went swimming we headed to downtown Williamsburg. Chase loved all the horses.

He's never really been a stuffed animal person to recently. He loves his puppy.

We also walked around William and Mary and found the Kappa house. My grandma, great aunt and aunt were all Kappas here.

We spent the next day at Busch Gardens. Chase's favorite thing was the train. (His least favorite thing is getting his picture taken).

Daddy got to ride several roller coasters. The weather was great and there were hardly any lines so a perfect day to go.

Chase wanted to do several of the rides by himself.

At the hotel pool, Jacob got to go swimming for the first time. I think he enjoyed it but it was pretty chilly so we didn't let him stay in long.

The next day we headed to Jamestown but we didn't want to pay to do anything. With the mood the boys were in we knew we wouldn't last long. Instead we headed to Ft. Eustis (where Brad spent some time when he was enlisted in the Army) to see the *free* US Army transportation museum. Chase enjoyed seeing all the helicopters and trucks.

But of course his favorite was the trains. The train yard was closed so this is the closest we could get.

We had a great time as a family but like I said it was tiring! I slept a lot of the way home and I think Chase watched 4 straight hours of Mickey Mouse. We got back last night in time to see KSU's win over TTU. I was going to be mad if I stayed up to watch it and they end up losing. Go Cats!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jacob is 4 months!

Our boy is getting so big! Here are a couple pictures along with a baby picture of me thrown in. When I showed the picture of me to Chase and asked who it was he said Jacob. 

With the weather getting nicer we try to play outside more. Poor Wagner. This is when I miss England. It was not humid there and we had great walking paths around our village. We could go see horses or down to the pond and throw rocks in. I really wish there were sidewalks here. We keep as busy as we can in our driveway!

First time giving the boys a bath together. It went over pretty well. Today Jacob was in a giggly mood. I had Chase come over and tickle him. Then I would tickle both boys until they were just laughing. Moments like that make it all worth it. Even when I'm tired from one boy or the other being up several times at night and up early I love being a mom to these guys!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Fun Week!

We started off the week with Mother/Son date Knight at Chick Fil-a with some friends from church and of course Asher and Micaiah. There are so many boys at our church. I really have to watch Chase after church on Sundays because he thinks he can run around with the big boys. 

Then my friend Laura was in town visiting several friends. We got to hang out a few times. Last time we saw them we were pregnant with Reese and Chase. Now they are big 3 year olds. They were cute to watch play.

Jacob and Kate are about 4 months apart. Hopefully we will be stationed with them again!

Then on Thursday we went about an hour away to a pumpkin patch. Thanks to my blog stalking, I knew a friend from KSU (we were in the same sorority) lived about an hour away. I've been trying to meet up with her since early this summer and this was the first chance. We had a great time catching up. It was a beautiful day and the place was a lot of fun.

The train ride was extra but of course we had to go on it for Chase.

 Our attempt at a family picture. Chase was not having it. 

Inspecting all the pumpkins.

This is the perfect one, mom!

Getting buried in the corn.

Chase and Isaac are only about a week apart.

So glad Brad was able to take off and join us. It was a great day out with the family (topped off with Chipotle!!).

Sunday, October 02, 2011


We've had grandpop here for the past 10ish days. He's been helping us get our yard ready to plant grass, taking down tress and trimming all (and there are lots) of bushes. We also snuck away to Cheesecake factory with just one kid, went on a motorcyle ride and went out to dinner with friends after seeing Courageous last night. Very good movie by the way. I would recommend it - just bring some tissues! We've also watched a lot of football. How about KSU being 4-0??? Go Cats!

Thanks grandpop for everything. We will miss you!

Here are the guys getting the yard ready to seed.

Hoping for grass in the spring!

Great picture of grandpop and his buds!