Thursday, November 24, 2016

Catching up

I think these are the last few pictures of the fall to get caught up. I was having difficulty uploading pictures from the computer but Brad made some room so they will upload now.
1st Day at a new school. This is Chase's 4th school in 4 years and he has done great!

Jacob and cousin Kieryn are in the same class. Its been fun!

This boy has trouble on the first day of school. I got a call 20 minutes after dropping him off that I needed to go back because he was out of control.

The Topeka Zoo. Brad had to work a couple Saturday's so we went to the zoo.

And rode a train.

Its still a lot of work taking all 4 by myself but its doable!

A local horse farm was having an open house so we checked it out.

Grandpa and Grandma got to come up for Grandparents day!

We love getting to know neighborhood friends.

When Gavin's class was doing a transportation unit I volunteered Brad to come in to talk about airplanes.


 Chase, Jacob and Gavin all played soccer this fall. Brad and I coached the Kindergarten team so we could bump Gavin up and let him play. We thought he would be our go-getter but he seemed really intimidated by the other kids.  Jacob who wouldn't go near the ball the first game scored 3 goals the last game and was our most improved by far!!

Chase did really well with his team too. Had several multiple score games. He was not the fastest by any means but he had pretty good ball control.

Chase playing goalie.

Keeping busy during big brother's game.

Gavin running to the ball (just to not kick it :)


It was definitely an experience coaching K. We didn't win a game but all the kids love Brad and seemed to have fun.

Chase's team.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


A couple random pictures from the fall for my parents and Jill. I think my only blog readers left as this point.

In Aggieville for the homecoming parade and trick or treating. 
I got to help Chase with his airport for Boxhattan.
Brad and I completed the Army 10 miler!
Getting a tour of the MHK air traffic control tour. There was a United plane and Chase was so excited thinking United was flying in here but it was just a charter flight for the football team.
Keeping busy during Chase's soccer.
We finally have some new leather couches!
A beautiful Saturday morning walk in the Konza Prairie.
Halloween in the neighborhood with friends!
Chase at the parade. I didn't have one of him on Halloween night because he went off with friends. 
Micah fell out of the stroller on a walk and hit his head. He started throwing up so I took him to the ER. He had a concussion but a clear CT scan. Grateful for good insurance.
We had a visit from our good friends and we enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend in Kansas. 
Brad and Chase before the Veterans Day parade. 
Chase got to meet Bill Snyder at a function for the end of soccer season. 
I enjoy getting to watch my nephew on Thursdays and doing fun things with them. Here they are making Turkey's.
Gavin in his performance of The Little Red Hen.

Saturday, October 01, 2016


Sitting Uncle Kevin's truck
His golden birthday. Turned 8 on the 8th.
Thanks Korey for playing and for the toy gun.
Took Chase to cheer on my team!
Double Date :)
Friends since Kindergarten
Checking out the nature center
Met up with some friends in Northern Virginia who are also visiting grandparents. 
National Slurpee Day
Many hours were spent here at the neighborhood pool.