Sunday, August 14, 2016

Birthday Party and Leaving Leavenworth

I'm finally going to try to get this blog updated!! Not sure who reads anymore but I still like looking back on it! I had a carnival theme birthday party for Jacob and Gavin. There is a carousel museum in town that was the perfect place. 

Aunt Melissa, Kieryn and Ronan came and it was nice to see them and have some help setting up and tearing down.

Lots of kids! Thanks everyone for coming out!

Some watermelon fun with neighbors. We miss this family so much!!

Saying goodbye to another sweet neighbor and friend. When I was talking to Jacob about starting K he asked if Lani was going to be in his class. Broke my heart - so sweet!

 A last dinner out with neighbors and friends. 

We miss Atlas too!
After our move to Manhattan we drove to Maryland. We stopped in St. Louse to go to City Museum with friends. 

City Museum.