Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt & Colonoscopy

I know...two random subjects. First of all, I had my colonoscopy on Monday and everything was clear! Not a polyp or anything. We scheduled it this week because grandmom was on spring break and was able to come down and help with the boys. We needed help Sunday (while I spent hours on the toilet) and Monday  for the procedure and recovery. I don't have to go back for a year and it continues to be clear they might let me go several years. I really didn't mind doing it because peace of mind is so nice!

Before grandmom left we were able to go to Chase's school for his easter egg hunt. I know these hunts are over in 2 seconds but its fun to be up at his school every now and then and see how he interacts with his teacher and classmates. They counted down then ran to get eggs.

If you brought extra eggs for siblings they could participate. Jacob doesn't quite get it :)

Jacob did like patting the Easter Bunny though.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chase's first soccer game

Chase has participated in several soccer camps but this is the first year he has a practice during the week and a game on Saturday. Chase does really well during the drills and stuff but once it comes time for a scrimmage he doesn't seem to get it. We were interested to see how he would do. He is playing through Upward sports which is at a church about a block from our house - so convenient! 

I guess they always do player introductions for everyone before games. Chase is so shy he ran through the parents with his hands kinda by his side.

He wasn't super aggressive during the game but he seemed to be trying hard. I could tell at the end he was getting tired. He ate more tonight than he has in a long time!

He is on the same team as his best friends - Asher, Micaiah and Dawson. It was funny hearing the dads yelling at the boys. I laughed so hard! It will be interesting to see how they improve over the season.

Friday, March 08, 2013


Here's our little Linus. He loves his blanket! All the boys have blankets that are made with love from Grandma. Chase was never too attached but Jacob is totally opposite...we always make him put his blanket and pacifier back in the crib when he gets up but he always seems to go back and get it at some point. When he gets really tired if I put the blanket over my shoulder he will lay on me. Such a sweet boy!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

K Week

After Chase's K week at school we decided it was a good time to go to Krispy Kreme and use our valentine cards and coupons. 5 donuts and a coffee for free - we will take it it! Daddy got Gavin's donut :) Gavin enjoyed his puffs.

They always enjoy watching the donuts being made.

We tried painting one night at home. Jacob loved it! I think because he got to go straight to the bath!

Chase painting some train coaches.

Gavin just enjoying being with us.

At school they had a multicultural parade. Here are two scottish bagpipe players. Hard to believe its almost time to enroll this boy in Kindergarden!