Monday, June 29, 2015

Moving out and beach week

Here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks. We moved out of our house in Goldsboro, went to the beach in Delaware with my family and then drove off for Kansas. We had a low key day today while Brad was in-processing and he is getting the keys now for our new house! Excited to get our stuff tomorrow and get back in a routine.
Thankfully the little boys went to stay with my parents during the move out process. Here's the big boys watching a movie to stay out of the movers way.
Jacob was so tired he fell asleep on me while I was waiting for a new ID.
We are really going to miss that house :(
On the way to the beach we got to stop and see my Grandma!
Micah and Ronan dressed as twins! Micah was getting all 4 I teeth and was miserable. So I let him have his dummy a lot!
THE BEACH - we made it!
Caught a happy picture from him!
Movie night on the beach.
We were so happy daddy was able to join us for some of the week.
After eating smores one night.
With my love.
Loaded up and ready to go to Kansas. You could actually see the floor of the van here. That didn't last long!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Birthday Week

We had just a few friends over to celebrate Jacob and Gavin's birthday. We set up our bouncy castle and did water balloons and a pinata. Good old fashioned backyard party. Gavin kept talking about hitting the candy at another party we went to so I figured he would want to do it at his but he wouldn't touch it. That kid!

They put their arms around each other while we sang. It was the cutest thing ever between them!

They both loved opening the gifts!

Jacob with Alaina and Emaa. They both go to our church and were on his Wee Wings bus. He loved them both and will really miss them. He gave both a big kiss on the cheek when they were leaving.

Gavin and Micah from down the street. 

Stephen and Gavin. I called them Frenemies. As close as strong willed 2 year olds can be.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fini Flight

Brad had his last flight in the Strike Eagle as we are off this week to the land of Oz! We don't know if its his last flight ever or not. Only God knows. Brad's parents were able to come out for it and a lot of friends from church came as well. 

Taxiing in.

Ready to spray daddy.

Gavin wouldn't move from the stroller and kept his hands over his ears.

Some of the crew waiting.

They were so excited to spray him.

Our family :)

With our friends, Keefers. He flew in Brad's back seat for the flight.

Crossway church crew.

Brad and his parents.

With some of my friends who came out for it.