Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Decorating

Dad pulls out the tubs of our chirstmas decorations to begin decorating on Sunday afternoon. On top of the tub clearly labeled CHRISTMAS is this - grass seed, tools, football, baseballs, rags - stuff from our shed. Grass seed spilled everywhere. I know that is our fault, we should have closed they bag but still. The movers just take the liberty to throw stuff wherever. Next time I will specifically say "Don't put anything else in my Christmas box!" Decorating is slow this year. I thought I would enjoy finding new places for all my decorations but we just can't get in the mood.

We have the squadron Christmas party tonight. Since dad is in training it is just not the same - you don't feel quite part of the squadron. Tomorrow dad gets to ride in the back of the plane when Santa comes to the kid christmas party. It is a good excuse for mom to go! Also tomorrow morning is pictures by the plane. I won't post any but hopefully Christmas cards will be out in the mail soon!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Birthday Dinners

On Saturday night of Thanksgiving weekend, the fam headed out to Outback to celebrate all the guys birthdays. Thanks to mom's mom and dad for their generosity!
Can you tell that Tiana is at the grap anything in sight phase!
We had dessert at Outback then came home to open gifts!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving day. Here is my attempt at an "around the table" shot. The turkey gave us a scare (try telling 4 hungry people that dinner might be late)but everything turned out wonderful!
Tiana got a cookie for her first Thanksgiving! Luke and I soon figured out to stand right by here and we might get a treat too!
The mandatory after dinner nap. That's how I feel when I watch the cowboys too!
The girls sitting around chatting afterwards.
The boys cleaning up? It didn't last long!

With Daddy

Monday, November 26, 2007


Have lots of pictures from Thanksgiving but since it takes forever to load them I will do several posts. We had a wonderful weekend at mom's parents house. Thanksgiving day was beautiful outside so we took Tiana outside for a little photo shoot. She loved the leaves. Aren't her cheeks just too cute! She brings so much joy to our family! I have a good picture of her and her dad but I must not have added this morning. I will post it later.

(Since I am still my mom's kid - she had to get a picture of me in the leaves too!)

Monday, November 19, 2007


Recently, I 've just been posting about our weekend trips. Well we enjoyed a nice weekend home so I don't have much to write about so I am posting a few pictures of our house per request of dad's parents. The house is pretty old and is getting demolished in a year to build new ones so we will be the last to live in it. Our street is beginning to feel like a ghost town as people move out and no one is moving in. Our favorite thing about it is that it is a single family unit! We have only had a duplex up to this point.

There is a door from the carport that goes into the kitchen/laundry room/mud room. It looks kinda junky but a lot of stuff has to fit in there! I have a lot less cabinet room than the last house and we had to buy a mircowave since our last house had on built in.

In the back of house is the living/dining room area. It seems like most houses on base combine these two rooms. Sometimes we open it up and put the couch along the wall but if people are over to watch tv we have the couch here. We are only here for 8-9 months hence the very simple decorating. You sometimes have to watch yourself to not buy new stuff for every house you are in! Out the door in the living room is a little patio area and back yard.

The bedrooms are along the hallway that sticks out in front of house. The is one that is closet to the road. We are ready for visitors! We like how all the rooms have ceiling fan/lights.
The middle room is the office. Here is dad busy at work studying. He should have his first flight on Tuesday!
And finally here is the master bedroom. We are in the process now of looking for a new bedroom set. There are 2 closets here and a bathroom off the room. There is also another bathroom in the hallway and a hall closet and entryway closet.
We get asked a lot if we are allowed to paint. Yes but normally you have to paint it back to white, since they are demoing the house we shouldn't have to but we decided not since we both work full time and it is temporary. Maybe when we are somewhere longer or mom is home during the day.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Quick Weekend Trip

Mom and dad took a quick weekend trip to visit mom's friend and grandma. Mom's friend had a baby at the end of August and this was the first chance to run up and see her. It's amazing how babies can bring in visitors! Here is mom holding baby Kathryn. She was even dressed in purple for us!
Mom and dad then headed over to mom's grandmas for a nice lunch and visit. Maybe next time we will get to stay longer and see the beach!

Monday, November 05, 2007


Mom and dad headed down to Charleston with some friends for the Citadel homecoming. All the hotel prices were way high for the weekend so it was just as cheap to rent a condo on the beach for the weekend. It was beautiful!! Here is mom still laying in bed and the view from the bed!

View from the deck in the morning!
The boys enjoying the view...
At the football game.
The little guy was such a trooper throughout the whole day! He looked so cute in his Citadel jersey! He also got a toddler Citadel Nalgene bottle from the gift store - it is adorable!
We went downtown for seafood after the game and stopped by a market along the way.
We enjoyed our extra hour on Sunday morning and went for a run on the beach.

The last stop we made was to Rainbow Row and Battery Park in downtown Charleston. We packed a lot in a short weekend but it was a lot of fun!