Saturday, December 12, 2015

November thru Thanksgiving

Here's  few pictures to get caught up thru Thanksgiving. As always there is a lot going on in December so I'm hoping to get caught up soon!
On a beautiful fall day we went out to Weston Bend State Park for some hiking. 
Building a house. 
Boys could throw rocks for hours!
There are about 100 international students in the course that Brad is in. The family from Korea lives down the street. Their youngest boy is in Chase's class. We went to hear the Korean presentation and sample some Korean food. I love that Chase gets these experiences!

Visiting Union Station for the first time. The boys loved it and we bought a year membership to Science City!
My Aunt Julie, cousin Kelly and Grandmom watched the 3 younger kids so we could take Chase to the Iowa State football game. We won at the last second and had a blast!
We also brought our friend Ruki, who is from Rwanda. 
Chase with his friend Helena celebrating her birthday!
We went to watch KSU basketball at the sprint center. They lost to UNC but kept it close till the last 3 minutes so it was fun to watch!
Micah with grandpa over Thanksgiving. 
The boys cleaning up - thanks guys!
A long game of Uno with Grandma.
It was cold and rainy all weekend. We enjoyed shopping, bowling, a movie (Micah's first) and wii!
Micah and Brayden
Jacob and Aunt Brandi.
Boys helping me with Christmas cards! Sorry if the stamps are crooked!

Sunday, November 08, 2015


This was right before Halloween - Chase had his second grade musical program. He didn't want a part but he did a great job singing along!
I was in charge of Gavin's pumpkin party at school. He was just terrible when I was there. Here is is as Mickey Mouse sulking and not participating!
Gavin's little class at snack.
Micah did better in the class than Gavin!
Chase in his book character parade. He found a baseball book so he could be a baseball player. He wanted to wear this Royals shirt everyday!
I also got to help in Jacob's class. He just loved me being in his classroom. So different than Gavin!
At a neighborhood Halloween party. 
We got free scary face pancakes at Ihop the night before Halloween.
The crew getting ready to go out. We actually split up so everyone could go with friends.
With our next door neighbor.
They were so cute!
Tried to get a picture of Micah and Levi but this was the best I could do. Gavin started running off so I had to keep up!
It was a big neighborhood block party!
I think Chase and his friends hit every house!
One house was giving out Jello shots.
We set up the TV in the garage so we could still watch the Royals while giving out candy.
Gavin learned to ride without training wheels!
Go buddy!
When it looked like the Royals were going to win the World Series we woke Chase up.
He's waited 30 years for this!
Done! World Series Champs!
I attempted to go downtown with these two. Didn't have the best luck. Took forever to get a shuttle and then couldn't really see the parade.
We did see a lot of trains and blue fountain which was the best part of the day.
Since tickets were so cheap Brad took 2 boys to the KSU vs. Baylor game.

Saturday, November 07, 2015


October was a busy month! With watching football and playing soccer and world series and Halloween stuff it felt like there always something going on! 
We headed down to Aggieville for trick or treating and to watch the homecoming parade. Gavin was Mickey Mouse but he got out of his costume as soon as possible. 
We met up with friends and enjoyed watching the parade with them.
The cute 2 year olds!
Kent and Brad. Kent is who set us up on our blind date over 13 years ago!

Meeting Willie

Taking it all in.

I got to stay in Manhattan and meet up with some college friends for the football game. I enjoyed a nice kidless run around campus on Saturday morning.
The game was terrible but we still had a lot of fun.
Here's our crazy Saturday night :)
Jacob and Gavin completed the smart start soccer program.
This is just typical Gavin. If he didn't want to do something you could not convince him.
Showing off his medal. 

Watching Daddy go to work in a Chinook. He got to go watch Army experience.
I got to go on Gavin's field trip to the pumpkin patch. He was crazy for me. The teacher promised me he is better in the classroom.
Riding the barrel train to get a pumpkin. 
We had so much fun watching the playoffs and world series. I think I can officially say the Royals are my second favorite team.
We flew down to Texas one weekend.  Jacob was our co-pilot,
Or was it Chase?!
Our plan was to go to the KSU/Texas game in Austin but it was so cold and rainy we went to a sports bar instead.
Had a little bit of an adventure getting home. The boys loved the train in the Houston airport.

Chase completed his soccer season. His team didn't do that great but he always worked hard and we are proud of him.

Playing goalie.
Still have lots of pictures from fall parties and Halloween. Hopefully I can get those up soon!