Sunday, May 29, 2011

Annapolis and Nature Center

Here are a few more pictures from our time in Maryland. One day when everyone was working we headed to Annapolis since Brad had never been.  We stopped by the state capitol. It is neat to see how Maryland's history and beginnings are very intertwined with our nations history. I learned that this served at the Nation's Capitol from Nov. 26, 1973 to Aug. 13, 1974.

We walked down to the harbor with a 2 year old who was not wanting to take any pictures. The streets were very quaint and reminded us a lot of some English villages.

We also got to walk onto the Naval Academy. 

We were hoping to see the formations but they were inside that day. I am 35 weeks pregnant here.

Later in the week we headed to the Nature Center with Chase and Tiana. I remember going here on class field trips and such when I was younger and it was fun to see Chase also enjoy it. He wouldn't go in the cave (was too scared) and slide but he loved seeing the snake. Go figure.

Telling them to act silly!

They are ready for 2 more cousins this summer!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Again sorry for the lack of posting. I still can't get the hang of iphoto on Brad's mac. I need my computer back! I have so many pictures to post but I got these two uploaded so that is good enough for me.  Sometimes you get so far behind you just want to give up. I kinda feel that way now but will try to push through :)

We are now living in our new house....just without the majority of our stuff. We have a bedroom set (we've been needing to buy one for a while now) a toddler mattress for Chase and 2 bar stools to sit in the kitchen. I am so ready for everything else to get here so I can start nesting! I have been uncomfortable lately and not sleeping well so I am ready for this baby. I know he will come soon enough!

I will try to go back and post from our time in Maryland. I am so grateful to have 2 very good friends in Maryland that I get to hang out with when I am back. We have been friends since we were young and it is so fun that now are now hanging out with our own kids! One morning we took the kids to Krispy Kreme for some donuts then to the park to burn off some energy. 

Checking out the donuts being made.

Some balloon fun.

All the kiddos just before the donuts. We all knew donuts were yummy who know it was also fun!

Chase was so quiet eating them that before we knew it he had 7 donut holes. Yikes! 

At the park with daddy! 

More updates to come soon - I hope!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back in the USA!

Sorry for my lack of posting. As you can imagine things have been busy since getting back to the states. From recovering from the flight (Chase did well but it was still tiring) to jet lag (which includes a lot of behavioral issues) to dealing with the house stuff it was busy to say the least. We did close on our house and are homeowners and went right to work painting, getting contractors to replace tile and get rid of wall paper. We have new appliances and bedroom furniture also being delivered. I took some before pictures but want to wait until I have after pictures to post. 

We were so grateful to be able to stay with friends who helped us a ton with Chase and had some fun playmates for him. I originally asked to stay for just a couple nights but then closing got pushed back then we wanted to paint before going on leave. So a couple nights turned into 9 nights! Staying with friends is so much nicer than the TLFs! I didn't get any pictures of our time there.

So now we are on leave enjoying a little bit of time with my family while waiting on our stuff to get here. It was nice being here for Mother's Day. Even though it was low key we enjoyed being with family. Brad spoiled me with a Panera bagel in bed! Then after Chase's nap we went with my parents on a walk then out to dinner. I think the house, van, new bedroom suite etc was plenty of mother's day gifts for me! 

Here is a family picture on mother's day and also my 35 week belly shot.

There can't be water around without boys throwing rocks!

I love this picture of Chase and my parents. He normally doesn't like smiling for pictures but was in the mood this day.

A happy belated Mother's day to both our mothers. We are so blessed to have godly mom's who love the Lord and their families, who serve selflessly, who pray for us and are a great example for me to strive to be like. We love you!!