Friday, July 29, 2011

So Big!

Both my boys are getting so big! Jacob was enjoying some tummy time this afternoon and his neck muscles are definitely getting stronger!

He got so high that...
he rolled over.
He's rolled over before when he was a week or two old but mainly because he was screaming during tummy time.

And this little boy is doing so well with going potty! When he has athletic shorts on he can go all by himself! I have the cutest picture of him going potty - white bum, tippy toes and everything but figured I better not post it online:) Potty training went so much better than I thought. I think having the support of grandparents for a month helped. I think I would have quit several times!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jacob Newborn Pictures

I been waiting to get Jacob's birth annoucements out before posting pictures from the photo session my neighbor did. I think he was about 10 days old in these pictures. He has already changed so much!

I really like the close up ones. So these are the ones I used for the birth annoucement (in case anyone didn't get it).

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun with Friends!!

We were so blessed to have our good friends come down and visit for the weekend from Maryland. It was great for the boys to play together and we could show off Jacob. We kept the weekend low key since I just had surgery. Here are a few pictures from the  weekend.

Saturday morning we headed to Kinston to check out Neuseway Park. They have a little nature center, planetarium, train ride and park. It was so hot so we were thankful for stuff to do inside.

 After Chick Fil-a and naps we headed to the pool. The boys were so brave!

They left on Sunday night but not before bowling and pizza. We didn't know that it was cosmic bowling when we went. The boys almost made it through a game but were then more intersted in the lights!

Thanks guys for making the trip down to see us! Also thanks to Devon for leading worship at our church here on Sunday. We are so grateful for your friendship!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Grandparents and House

We were so sad to see grandma and grandpa leave earlier this week. Grandpa tackled several house/vehicle projects for us and grandma was great with the boys, food, laundry, etc. They've already made it back safely to Kansas. Thank you so much for coming out to spend time with us and help us in so many ways!

I know I promised this post before Jacob was born but better late than never right?! He are a couple before and after pictures of our house. Although I need to post some more with our furniture and updates grandpa did.

Right after closing on the house - we are homeowners!!

Sorry for the poor quality. But the first things we did was steam clean the carpet and repaint the great room. We also decided to have all the wood trim painted white. Definitely modernizes the house.

Master bedroom. We bought a queen size bed - finally! And love it!

I don't have any new pictures of our bathroom but the wallpaper came off. I think its funny because the wall to the left of me has a huge mirror as well. When sitting on the toilet you have 8 different views of yourself!

A few after pictures. I wish I was organized enough to have the same views but this is better than nothing!

I am recovering well from my surgery last week. A huge thanks to so many friends for meals, watching Chase, helping me clean the house, etc. I am slowly starting to get into a routine with both boys. Jacob has gone up to 6 hours sleeping at night but is still inconsistent. He is getting so big! The pile of clothes he no longer fits in is getting bigger everyday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Date nights are dangerous!

Seriously. After the past two dates nights I've ended up in the hospital.

A month ago was to have Jacob so I guess that's okay :)

Tuesday night well that' s a different story. We went out to celebrate our 8th anniversary at Olive Garden. At 5am I went to the hospital and by noon my gallbladder was out.

Me and my love before dinner on Tuesday night.

And me today leaving the hospital at lunchtime.

A little background. Over July 4th weekend I started having "episodes"  of intense chest/stomach pain that lasted about an hour or so. I could not do anything but rock back and forth in a fetal position. I thought it was severe heartburn so I went to the doctor on the 5th to ask for some heartburn medicine. At the appointment, they did an EKG and that was fine. They gave me a referral for a sonogram to check for gall stones and some Zantac for heartburn. I didn't have an episodes for several days so I thought it was heartburn and almost cancelled my sonogram. But I didn't and went on Monday morning for it. They told me they would have the results in 2 days. I had another episode on Monday night and then Tuesday night was the big one.

On the way home from Olive Garden I could tell another episode was coming. I, again, was having severe chest and stomach pain. I could barely talk and this time I was having back pain as well. I went straight home to take my medicine and tried a bath it would not go away. I was able to feed Jacob at 9pm and then tried to rest. But the positions that I could tolerate my chest pain my back was killing and vice versa. Between the hours of 8pm and 4am I took 3 baths, wore a heating back, rolled on the exercise ball, hung on Brad's pull up bar, walked all around the house and took Maalox, Tylenol...anything to get rid of the pain. Brad would also try to massage my stomach to to see if there was trapped gas.  Brad woke up to Jacob's crying at 4am and was shocked that I was still in pain and hadn't slept. With Brads help I was able to feed Jacob. I told Brad to try to go back to bed since he was flying that day and there was nothing he could do for me. About half hour later I told him I couldn't do it anymore and we called the nurse. I told her my symptoms (was having a really hard time breathing) and she told me to go to the ER. They checked me in immediately and before the ER doctor came into see me he read the sonogram and told me right away I had moving gall stones. Based on the pain and amount of recent episodes they suggested I get it removed. They fit me in the schedule really quickly and before I knew it I was in the OR. They removed the gall bladder laparoscopically. I was pretty emotional afterwards and concerned my milk would dry up. But I was able to pump right away and as soon as I can quit taking pain medicine I hope to start nursing again.

We are so grateful that grandma and grandpa are still here! They have been champs holding down the fort. My husband also amazes me. He was balancing me, keeping everyone updates, trying to keep things semi normal at home for Chase, took care of Jacob last night and had to be in contact with work (they were great about releasing him from flying) . I love that man!!

I am home now and recovering well. My stomach is still sore and I am really tired. We have grandparents here for a few more days and I've already lined up a bunch of help for next week. Chase will have several playdates and the squadron/neighbors are bringing meals. They said it would take a good week to recover. I love modern technology - a few texts, emails, phone calls and a facebook update and I had so many people praying for me and offering help. Thank you all so much!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jacob is 1 month!

Hard to believe its already been a month since Jacob was added to our family. Time needs to slow down! Here are a few recent pictures..

With my parents before they left. I haven't had a chance to write on here and thank my mom for everything she did for 3+ weeks. If you want an idea read here and add taking care of a toddler. Thanks mom for everything!!!

First bath.

We are so blessed to have Brad's parents here now for 2 weeks. They have also been such a huge help!

First bottle. I actually missed nursing him that night!

We are so excited that a new cousin is here! Welcome Kieryn Marie!! Can't wait to meet you!