Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wonderful Weekend

Mom got back yesterday from a wonderful weekend in Maryland. It was great for her to spend time with family and friends (namely KK!) and actually get to do some shopping in stores! Although she had to get used to the traffic and lines. On Sunday afternoon was a gathering for her moms side down in Virginia. It was so nice seeing everyone.


Three Generations

I admit I was a little jealous when I saw this picture. I heard mom liked her moms dog, Luc. I guess I have won to her over to liking dogs in general!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is Dad's 28th Birthday! We got up with him this morning and made him chocolate chip muffins and he is off to work. Mom is going to drop off lunch for him and his flight. Mom is actually heading out of town today to go to Maryland. He is such a servant for letting her go on his birthday. His big gift was tickets to the Dallas Cowboys game last weekend. Mom arranged for his brother to meet him in Dallas and they spent the weekend hanging out then went to the game Sunday night. It wasn't the best game for Cowboys fans but dad said he still had fun. The person dad was playing in fantasy had Brees, Bush and Hendersen on his team so he also had to watch his fantasy team go down.

I have a great picture of Dad and his brother but he didn't want me to post it and this is the only other picture they got. Psalm 133:1 How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Bible study recently has been a sharing of good news and God's faithfulness in our lives. God has blessed us so much, he is so kind. Here is a brief rundown...

-- Husband home safely from Iraq.
-- 2 babies on the way (we just learned yesterday that one is girl!)
-- 2 VSP's (Voluntary Seperation Pay) approved
-- 1 pilot job at Southwest Airlines.
-- 2 great FAIP assignments.
-- 1 got approved for grad school scholarship.
-- 1 got an SOS slot in January

We also are celebrating with those that have already moved on who just had a baby and another who got marreid this summer and husband is getting home from deployment. I am so grateful for this group of girls that God has placed in my life at this time. What a joy to celebrate with everyone!

Not the best picture of me but a good one of the group.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Family Day

Yesterday was one of those fun family days you dream about as a pup when all the people are seeing if they want to take you home and you are wondering what your new family will be like. All the trips and stuff are nice but so are the days when we are all just hanging out around the house getting ready for the holidays. It is actually cold here so it feels like Christmas is coming(even though dad is still wearing shorts outside!). Dad was working on hanging Christmas lights on the bushes and house, mom was inside working on Christmas cards and baking cookies. I went back and forth between helping dad with the lights and hoping some of the cookie batter would fall on the floor for me. The Christmas tree lights were on, candles were burning and football was on. Perfect!

Our first Christmas gift, the KSU rock from dad's parents. K-State football is heading to the Texas bowl in Houston to play Rutgers. We would love to go but we will be back up in Kansas for the holidays.
Yes, we have a small Christmas tree with very few ordaments but it is fun getting new stuff and see our collection grow every year. Mom could probably tell you where she got every single ordament and Christmas decoration. And when we actually spend a Christmas at our house we will get a real bigger tree!