Monday, November 29, 2010

First Snow

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. We went to Italy to visit some friends that we were stationed with in Texas. More about that in another post. It was nice to wake up this morning to snow! Chase is at a fun age to take it all in. Chase had preschool this morning so we didn't get to play in it but it is supposed to snow more tonight so maybe tomorrow!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby #2

is on the way!! It's no secret that we've wanted this for a little bit now and I think anyone that saw me in my formal pictures already knows :) Deployments sure can add lots of waiting time. But we know that the Lord's timing is perfect and we are so excited. I had my first appt today and everything looks good. The doctor called the baby a jumping bean because it was moving around a lot. It even took her a couple tries to get measurements! I am just over 11 weeks now and due June 12th. I am not sure I posted it on here but we have our assignment and lets just say that I like moving overseas very pregnant!
Not the best picture of Chase but I wanted something to post tonight. He doesn't really understand what's going on but he will point to my belly and say baby.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bin Lorry vs. Trash Truck

Chase had a playdate this morning with his friend from the village, Charlie. I thought it was funny that when they saw this, Charlie in his British accent exclaimed "the bin lorry." Chase comes running over "no trash truck." This went on for a few exchanges. The saying is true...two countries seperated by a common language.

By the way, my blog needs a serious update. Everyone else's looks so cute. Any takers?! Maybe I will work on that one of these days!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bolar Hats and Ball Gowns

Last night was the 70th anniversary of the squadron that Brad is apart of. The dinner was very formal so all the guys wore their bolar hats and the girls got to wear ball gowns. I even had my hair done. It wasn't quite was I envisioned but it was nice to have it up and to not worry about it. The dinner was at a Air Musuem so we sat among the airplanes. They made it cool with the lighting and band they flew in from Germany. It is fun to see the heritage of the squadron and even better that the guest speaker didn't go on and on with war stories.

 An attempt at our table picture. It was hard to get a good one with the lights around us.

Our friends Luke and Meg.

With my good friend Shanna.

 Showing off the collegiate party shirts!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Sea Otter

Chase was a sea otter for this past weekends events. We didn't do trick or treating but went to a fun party on Saturday afternoon. Well it would be fun if Chase would do anything. Don't think he liked his costume. He wouldn't even walk at first.

Look at that patethic face!

We got some popcorn and he let Brad put him down.

 He liked checking out the bird.

With his cow friend, Norah. This is the closest they would get to each other.

We also enjoyed bowling with church friends and then hitting an adult halloween party. Didn't get many pictures there but if you are a friend on facebook you have probably seen us tagged in a couple. Chase made a quick appearance before he went to bed.

I forgot to turn on our light until later last night so we didn't get many trick or treaters in our village. It is not as big of an event here in England.