Friday, May 15, 2015


For the most part we have had beautiful weather here and have enjoyed lots of outside time. The only downside is baths every night because the boys get filthy! Hard to believe school is almost over, summer is coming and the move is right around the corner. Sorry for the pictures are out of order.
The airshow is in town and we went to the practice today with the littles because I'm not sure I could do it by myself tomorrow. Brad has to work it.

The Thunderbirds weren't performing until 2 and there was no way we could last that long so we just saw the planes.

Sitting in the C-5.

Hanging out with our friends who are on the Thunderbirds team.

Micah just wants to run away from us. We went up to a concert thing tonight and I thought I would need a jacket. Nope I was chasing him the whole time and stayed plenty warm!

Taking a family train ride at Pullen Park.

Enjoying the park on a beautiful day! I had several strangers come up to me and tell me they should get down. Really?! They are boys - I want to play like this!

On National Train Day we went over to a train station and got to see a train. Chase was counting the cars - 2 engines and 99 coaches.

Strawberry picking!

Children's museum fun.

The crew at the childrens museum. I could only do it because I had friends helping!

Brad enjoying his new toy.

Out to dinner with some friends from church that we will miss terribly!

They opened a dog park on base and Wagner won first place at the dog trick competition.

I loved seeing this in Chase's folder. Go K-State!

Friday, May 01, 2015

May Day!

I had great aspirations to write 2 posts in April but oh well - at least it hasn't been 4 weeks. We are getting closer to our move. We have orders so we can schedule movers and we sold our house last week. (We are renting back from the people that bought it). Hard to believe we will be in Kansas soon!

We had the April Coffee at Wine and Design. The boys were impressed with my airplane picture! I'm in the back middle.
This boy was always wanting to ride Jacob's bike so we had to get him one of his own. He loves it!

Took all the boys to the indoor splash park with friends the other day. They all had a blast!
I got to go to Chase's field day. It was on a Friday after a week of testing. 

Getting his ribbon. 
With his new buddy Josh. His dad is also a strike eagle pilot and they just moved here from England. The boys have really hit it off so it going to be hard moving. Such is the life of a military kid.

Tug of War.
He didn't really want to take a picture with me.