Saturday, January 31, 2015


On a two hour delay from school the boys got up and helped themselves to cereal. We actually got to sleep past 7!

Sold my cloth diaper within a few hours of posting them online. Nice to have them gone! It was not for me.

I actually managed to do a little craft with Jacob.
Grandpop came down for a couple days to help out while daddy was on a trip. He was a lifesaver!
Chase got his first basket in basketball and grandpop was there to see it.

Daddy brought us back chocolate from Switzerland! These chocolate eggs have toys in the middle.
Chase went to pizza making party for his friend. His mom goes all out!
The next day we had a roller skating party.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Break

Working on the Lego train with Grandpop

Sickness was definitely pass around. It was a rough break in that regard.

One of the two pictures I got of all of us exchanging gifts.

We took the metro down to DC to see the national christmas tree with the trains display around it. The kids loved it. Perfect outing on a nice winter day.

Having a snack before we head back.

A view of the white house.

Waiting for our train.

Passing time on the metro with the 2 year old.

Jacob loved being with Kieryn.

Chase and I made it to San Antonio over New Years. We were hoping Brad would make it and we could go to the Alamo Bowl but he didn't. So we just hung out for a few days.

With his best buddies. This is the third year in a row that I've found matching train shirts.

I don't think Ryan was happy to take a picture so he did a terrible angle on purpose. I'm glad I got her in purple for the night!

We came back from Maryland and opened a few gifts from Uncle Scott and Aunt Brandi. They love their matching PJ's!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas Eve Morning

We had our Christmas on Christmas morning so we could head up to Maryland in case Brad got a short call for United (which he did on Christmas Day). Christmas with 4 young kids is pretty crazy so I didn't get a ton of pictures. Chase just wants to open everything, Jacob likes opening a gift and then setting it up/playing with it and Micah just walks around getting into everything. They did pretty well though while we read the bible and took a break to eat. 

The big gift was a polar express train to have around our Christmas tree. We went ahead and set it up and they enjoyed watching it before opening gifts. 

The 4 crazies :)

Jacob opening his stocking.

Micah being cute. 

Helping the baby open his gift.

And back to the Polar Express after all the gifts are opened.
Opening their gift from grandma and grandpa.