Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Rest of Germany

Here are some pictures from the rest of our time in Germany. I didn't have enough room to bring my big camera so the other girls have better pictures but here are a few from the point and shoot.

In Trier, Germany's oldest city, we saw the oldest Christian Church.

Chase not wanting to pose with mommy.
Our boys.

In front of Porta Nigra - Roman ruins over 2000 years old.

We went to Ramstein for some shopping and to visit with Christy and her girls.

On Friday night Tara and I went out to watch the crud tournament.
and ended up riding a mechanical bull...

We took video and when we watched ourselves we were going so slow. It didn't stop us from being sore though!
On Saturday we went to Eifel Park with the kiddos. There were tons of fun activities - blobs, slides, alpine slides and roller coasters.

On Saturday we went to Bernkastel. It was a beautiful day.
William was always doing this when we wanted to take a picture. He would say something like "take a picture of the birds." We then told him he needed to do a serious face.

It was so warm we stopped for some ice cream. Someone didn't complain.

We were pretty tired but had to check out Berg Landshut on the way home.

After a long day...
We also had lots of time to play in the backyard, yummy food, constant toddler correction, much laughter and some serious biblical debates. Tara was an awesome host with people sleeping everywhere. Meal times were always interesting trying to get all the kiddos fed but it made for some fun memories! Thanks Julie for going with me and to Tara for everything. Hopefully we will have half as good a time in England.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mini Texas Reunion

Tara, Julie and I were all stationed in Texas together (along with many other great friends) back when our dogs were our kids. Since our husbands are all on similar business trips we decided she would show us Germany and we would show her England. I have a ton more pictures to upload but these are for you babe..

In Trier

In BernKastel

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Dada requested some more pictures of little man. I had the camera out to get a picture of our 10k today but forgot the memory card. I was pretty proud of myself for running the 10K with a stroller in 63 minutes. Anyways, our friend Shanna came over for dinner and brought her bubble machine. Chase loved it!

P.S. Ugh - a large spider just ran across our living room. I am not ready for the guys again in my house!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day in Holland

A crazy friend and I decided to take our 3 toddlers 4 countries away to Holland for the weekend. It was a pretty long drive but we had a lot of fun once we got there. We just crashed in our hotel the first night. They had a great play area where we could let the kiddos run around. In the corner of the play area was a ball pit. There were 3 pre-teen boys laying in the pit throwing balls at the top. Before I know it Chase wanted to go in and he laid down and started throwing balls in the air as well. I thought it was so cute. Poor guy is around a lot of girls this summer! Our first stop was to head to the famous Keukenhof Gardens. I didn't get as many pictures as I would like because I had to hold Chase a lot of the time but I did try.
They had a little petting zoo. Whenever I squat down to Chase's level he imitates me. Chase with his buddy Kelte are checking out the sheep.

For some reason a little boy in front of all the flowers isn't as cute.

The crazy moms!
We also stopped by a pottery place but didn't dare bring the kids in. Thank goodness for DVD players!
On Sunday we decided we would just do stuff for the kids. We went to the park then the indoor water park.
The water park was great but it was hard to get pictures. I was impressed how it was geared towards kids of all ages. There was plenty to keep Chase busy. The yellow slides in the background were perfect for him!
Look at that belly!!

After naps we headed back out to the amusement park. Again I was impressed with the number of activites that Chase could

Yes, even while doing something as fun as riding a train he had to have a dummy in his mouth.

And what is a trip to the continent without a chocolate pastry!
A special belated Happy Mothers Day to our moms! We love you and miss you!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Rock Tots

Last week we had a little family outing to the library. I have been taking Chase to Rock Tots for over a year now and he loves it. He is so cute doing the motions! I think its great that they offer programs like these for free in the villages.
Here he is being a sleeping bunny!

Here's a couple videos...

Thursday, May 06, 2010

My new accessory

I have a small ganglion cyst in my wrist that has lately started bothering me a little more. I finally had an appt. today to have it looked at. The doctor wanted to start with a splint to see if that helps. So here is what I get to wear as much as possible the next few weeks.

And because this is such a stupid post I have a better Chase post coming tomorrow!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Boy, Dog, Bone

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. The first weekend is probably one of the hardest. We met a friend at the market and let Chase run around a bit. We brought home a bone for Wagner which he devoured. He wasn't bothered a bit by Chase playing with/on him!

Messed with the color a bit in this one...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!