Monday, June 30, 2008

Tea Time!

Hubby didn't tell me this till after the last post. They actually stopped the cricket match for 20 minutes for tea! He brought his own drink that had them all wondering what "American" drink he had. It was Gatorade.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Update on my boys...

Hubby went out to practice cricket this afternoon with our village team and one of the other players pulled his hamstring so he got to play! He just played in the field and didn't get to bat but he will work his way up to that! Since I took over writing for Wagner we haven't posted much about him. He has been staying with my family until all his paperwork is in order for him to come over. Well it looks like he is ready to join us in this adventure! Hopefully he will survive the plane ride okay!

And of course have to update on baby boy - he is still cozy inside me and doesn't seem in any hurry to join us. I felt great all weekend so I am very grateful for that. We will continue to trust God's timing for his arrival and sleep/rest as much as I can!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waiting and Wondering...

Yep, I'm still here on the eve of my due date! Now just playing the waiting game. We know the baby will come in God's perfect timing. We would like it to work out between our stuff getting here (it is in the country and could take up to 2 weeks to get through customs), my mom and Wagner arriving (next Thursday!) and hubby's flying schedule. We also think it would be fun to have a July 4th baby (like his Grandpa) and carry on the tradition. Hubby's birthday is the same as his grandma's. But we realize that it is not up to us. Last night I was trying to guess what was going through my mind 5 years ago at this time when our wedding was only weeks away. Probably some of the same thoughts - excitement and nervousness. Hard to believe I was preparing to be a wife and now am preparing to be a mother. We are enjoying every night together and I wonder when will be the last night it is just us (I don't think guys think like that - he just thinks about his flight for the next day!) Thanks to everyone checking in - I will try to update before we go to the hospital and have hubby update as often as he can.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two tube tickets to London: 14 pounds

Lunch: 20 pounds

Catching up with college friends in another country: Priceless

Enjoying every last minute with my hubby before the baby: Also Priceless

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hubby had 3-day weekend so we headed off to London for a couple hours to see the main sights Monday. I got tired pretty quickly so we didn't tour anything specific I just wanted an overview. Here are few pictures from the day...

Saturday, June 14, 2008


We are slowly getting settled here and actually spent a couple nights this week in our new house (with a few things we sent early and borrowed furniture). We are working to get phone and internet set up and we feel so out of the loop now! We finally figured out the heat and hot water (they don't believe in thermastats here!). Last night we went next door to the pub and met some people from the village. We were invited to the village's cricket match this afternoon so we headed down there to try to learn the game. It is very confusing. Hubby eventually wants to get on the team! A little boy came up to him and tried to teach him cricket but it is confusing so hubby ended up teaching him baseball!

Not much to report in baby news. We actually have the car seat now, the pack-n-play is set up and the baby clothes are washed so I guess we are as ready as we can be. Hubby keeps telling me I need to pack my bag but I just can't do that yet. I got checked at my last appointment on Thursday and was not too far along so I'm thinking it could still be a while. I am pretty uncomfortable by the end of the day but overall I'm doing great and can't complain.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Our Cottage

We signed the lease and got the keys to the cottage this morning! Here are a few pictures I took. The ceilings are a little low and hubby will definitely have to duck at the doorways but it has a lot of character. We get our temporary furniture and early shipment next Wednesday. We are excited to sit out in our garden and for fires in the winter. I will try to get some pictures of the upstairs. We call it the funhouse with low doorways, slanted ceilings and beams everywhere. We are excited to make it our home!

Of course there is baby news too. We were able to get into a birthing class on Monday morning so it will be nice to get that done before he arrives. I had an exciting appointment yesterday. While the doctor was listening for the heartbeat he thought he heard his heartrate lowering so he wanted to monitor it for a while. So I went up to the labor and delivery room and got hooked up to everything while he monitored. Everything looked good though and I was really happy that he was extra cautious with me. We got another sonogram and everything looked good there too. He was guessing the baby is already weighing 6 1/2 pounds but wouldn't give me an idea when he would make his arrival. While I was laying there hooked up to everything it made it seem so much more real to us. Are we really ready for this?? Only 3 weeks till the due date!!