Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Beach Pictures

Here are some more pictures from our beach trip this past week.

Mom after a couple boogie board runs.

Mom and Aunt Laura

My cousins, Jesse and Kelly.

Uncle Mark helping Jesse up from a huge wave :)

Matching suits!

Snack time.

All the Ludwicks are talented musicians. It was always nice when they played. We even did bedtime songs to music one night.

Kinda playing together!

We took a day trip to see Hatteras Light House.

Aunt Julie, Greg and Josh made the trip in the van with us.

We had a variety of waves - some days they were really big and others not so much. My dad and Brad took the kids out on the calm day. 

A picture of our beach house from the beach. 
Aunt Laura did a great job finding a good deal on a great house!

Brad was getting really good by the end of the week.

Almost everyone out in the water. I didn't get the babies and those watching them.

I even took a few turns boogie boarding. I like the small waves!

My dad and I catching a wave.

I hope to get more pictures from my dad's and aunt's camera so hopefully I'll have another post from the week. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beach Week #2

We just got back from another week at the beach with my some of my dad's family. It was us, my parents, my niece, 2 aunts and uncle and 8 cousins. We had a great beach house right across from the ocean. We are already planning next year with hopefully more family members. I'll post  more about it soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gavin is 1 month!

Hard to believe Gavin has been with us over a month! It's amazing how much harder it is to get these pictures with each child. Chase's photoshoot probably lasted an hour - I was lucky to just get a few with him and they are a week late. He is still eating well and his fussy periods have been less and less. He is still not going super long stretches at night but at least he still goes right back to bed. He is starting to make more facial expressions but no smile just yet. 

I don't really think this looks like him but they are the best I have. He has lost a lot of hair on the front of his head. Maybe it will grow in blonde!

I wanted a picture of Gavin in this outfit because I remember getting it at my baby shower with Chase. I am pretty sure I have a picture of all 3 of the boys in it. 

 I also had to get a picture with Wagner.

Here are some pictures I took when he was about 3 weeks old that I thought were pretty good. I posted one on facebook (thanks everyone for the "likes" and comments) but wanted to document on here as well.

A couple pictures from when my mom was here. She bought a Thomas sticker book and had special time with Chase everyday. 

 Brad took Chase to the fireworks on base. He enjoyed them and also the glow sticks I bought. 

Jacob's first popsicle. I thought it might help his teething but I don't think he liked the cold and didn't eat much of it. 

Chase sure liked his though.

Chase liked trying on daddy's boots the other day.

And finally a short video of Jacob walking!! He wants to walk everywhere and is doing well. I think the most he has taken is 15 steps but he still has yet to stand up on his own. That's when I really say that they are walking.

Friday, July 13, 2012

9 years

We celebrated 9 years of marriage yesterday! It's been a fun ride and I'm looking forward to many more years. My mom was still in town so we were able to go out to eat without any kids! Happy Anniversary babe, I love you!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chase is 4!

Sunday was Chase's actual birthday. Having a party 10 days before I think confused him a little. He asked on Monday and Tuesday to make sure he was still 4! He wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast so we put a candle in so I wouldn't have to make a cake. We sung him happy birthday and he opened the presents from family. 

He was so excited to see the cinnamon rolls!

 Jacob's new trick :)

Chase had his 4 year appointment today and weighed 35 lbs. He was about 50% for height and weight. He did well until having to get his shots. He's been limping around all day. On this very important day Chase switched his favorite Thomas the Train character and color. His favorite engine was Henry the #3 train and his favorite color green (because Henry is green). But now that he is 4 his favorite train is Gordon and his favorite color blue (the #4 blue engine). We love you Chase!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Let's go Racing Boys!

On Sunday when Daddy was watching race cars, the boys decided they wanted to participate.

The newest race cars on the circuit are the 88 Huggies Car and 15 Avon Car.

Gentlemen, start your engines. 

And they are off...

Love this picture of Chase because its his natural smile. Whenever I try to take a picture he gives the "cheese" smile and it is terrible.