Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Girls

Within 2 weeks, we knew of 5 beautiful baby girls being born. We wish we could meet all of them! But I was able to be around just after Kyleigh's birth. Of course the induction was scheduled for when we were at the beach but I was able to get back shortly after. I feel like with our lifestyle we miss out on a lot of stuff like this so I am very happy I am able to be around! Congrats Kauflins!

Welcome Kyleigh, Lilly, Marleigh, Avelyn and Mikaiah!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yesterday Chase and I took the train up to Philadelphia to visit with a friend, Rebecca, and her little girl, Hannah. They lived down the street from us in Texas. We knew it would be a whirlwind day trip but it was so much fun. Chase did great on the trainride and we got there in good time. After seeing their apartment we headed off to the Please Touch Museum, a great childrens museum.

These two did not want a picture together. I really didn't get any good ones. But they had fun playing at the museum.

Water tables are always a hit!

We drove to downtown and of course I had to get a cheesesteak while I was there.

It was sooo good! Thanks Rebecca!

We put the kids down for a nap and she showed me her view from top of their building.

We then drove to New Jersey to meet up with our other friend Rebecca (in the middle). She just had her third little girl less than 2 weeks ago but I hadn't met any of her kids. We were only there a little over an hour and it was not nearly enough time to catch up. We will have to find a time to see them again.

Did we dare try to get a picture with all the kids? It didn't turn out too bad!

A picture of Rebecca's building.

We then walked to the Piazza. The only good picture I got of the kids and its because they don't even realize I am taking it. Chase is all about holding hands and hugging these days!

This type stuff would be the benefit of city life!

The Philly Fanatic. I am sure I am spelling that wrong!

When we got to the train station to go home trains that were supposed to leave an hour and a half ago still hadn't left. I heard later that there was a fatality on the track. We ended up being only a half hour late but I was already trying to keep Chase busy - fries and ice cream! Thanks Rebecca for a fun day! It was so great to see you and Hannah and catch up!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Visit with Friends

On Wednesday I was able to catch up with my friend Emily. Chase and her son Asher are just 2 months apart and were buddies until they moved back to the states. Here and here are a couple of previous posts of them together as babies. It was so fun to see them together and to meet Asher's brother, Micaiah. Thanks Emily for coming up and hanging out and driving me home in DC traffic! Hopefully we will see you next spring!

Getting the pool ready...

I loved his tongue in this one.
We decided to not bother putting on swim diapers. Emily paid for that mistake!
A Helicopter flew overhead.
Happy Micaiah.
Bound to have a couple bad attitudes.

All three boys playing.
Actually got a good group picture. Asher's Grammy was good at getting them to smile - it seemed like they were all crying right before we took the picture.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beach Baby

My mom, Chase and I headed down to Virginia Beach to see my grandma and play a little bit. We had a wonderful time!

Chase checking out the water.

He loved it the first day. He was getting brave and wanted to go deeper.

Cute feet.
After a wipeout.
Playing in the sand.
Hanging out with great grandma at breakfast the next morning before the beach again.

Another wipeout.

My favorite picture....
He was actually a little more hesitant with the water the second day and enjoyed playing in the sand more. I had already put the camera in the car so I didn't get any pictures of playing in the sand.

We then headed to Richmond to see my aunt, uncle and cousin. They were so sweet and gave him a birthday present.
With cousin Molly.

We then went to Northern Virginia so I could meet up with a good friend from England who lives in NC now (seperate post coming) then I headed straight to the Kauflins because Kyleigh was born! Korey and Chase had a sleepover last night and I am going to go meet Kyleigh in a little bit!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Twilight Run

I always like doing a couple athletic events (runs, triathlons, etc.) when Brad is going to keep me motivated to work out and give me some sense of accomplishment. So last night I ran in a 8k or 5 mile run. I was hoping to do it in 50 minutes but I ended up being about a minute over. It was hot! Hard to believe I ran a 10k in England with a stroller in only 7 more minutes. I think the weather plays a big part.

Thanks to my dad and brother for coming out with me. My dad was going to run it with me but I signed up too late so the price went up quite a bit. But he was a good training buddy!
My face is as pink as my shirt.
My post race meal of Buffalo Wild Wings!
Speaking of accomplishments I am so proud that my husband has finished his masters!! All papers are submitted just waiting for the final grades. Which would be straight A's except for the class he got a B+ in because he didn't turn a paper. Oops. I am so proud of all his hard work and am glad for it to be over. The little free time he had went to him to getting this done. Hopefully we will see him a little more this fall!