Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thomas the Train

We stumbled across a Day out with Thomas last year while we were in England. I always wanted to take Chase to ride on it so when we had extra birthday money for the boys I booked some tickets. It was in Spencer, NC which was about 3 hours away. We went up the night before and hit a children's museum also. It was a fun little family getaway.

It was a little rainy to start the day. We actually used the rain cover for the stroller that we had because we lived in England.

The Roundhouse was pretty cool. You could even get rides on the turntable.

Chase loved watching the model trains. This is where he spent most of his time.

We ran into one of Chase's buddies, Will.

 Our boys riding on Thomas' coaches.

Finally a good smile.

Brad wanted us to run out and get a picture in front of Thomas but Chase wasn't interested.

Friday, September 28, 2012


My birthday was this past Monday. Birthday's are not a huge deal in my mind (especially at this age) but it was a little sweeter this year with everything that has happened this past month and a half. I am grateful that I am still around :) Things have been busy around the house since my in-laws left but I savor all (okay most) of the moments with my boys.  

We were able to sneak away last weekend and went to the lake with friends. The guys couldn't get the ski boat to work (not that I was going to ski) so here is next best option! 

I met with my oncologist on Thursday and he confirmed what the doctor we saw at UNC said and I am not going to do chemo. He also said that right now our insurance is not covering the genetics test so that is on hold. I go back for blood work in 3 months and will probably have a colonoscopy in about 6 months. I am still so overwhelmed by support. I have one more week of meals from local friends and this week I received cards with gift cards to restaurants from friends who live far away and wanted to help. Thank you!! 

Gavin has been 3 months for a while now and I keep hoping I will get a post up about him. He is growing so fast! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Update and Grandma and Grandpa

I had my appointment with a specialist at UNC yesterday. He gave the recommendation we were hoping to hear - no chemo. My risk of recurrence now is about 10% and he said that doing chemo wouldn't reduce that risk. We also talked to a genetic counselor for a while and I'm getting tested for Lynch Syndrome. I kinda understand it but I will let wikipedia explain it. If I do have it then I will be under even more observation and my family members might have to be tested as well. I also got my last IV of iron yesterday. I am getting better about needles :) This news was a big answer to prayer. This is how both Brad and I have been feeling and it was nice to have medical person confirm that. I meet with my oncologist next week and I'm sure I will know the next step then. We've been so blessed to have Brad's mom here for a month and Brad's dad here for the last  1 1/2 weeks. They have been such a huge help. Already this morning  being by myself I have been so exhausted and my stomach's been hurting a bit  (it has off and on the past week). I am so grateful I still have another 2 weeks of meals. Like I said I have awesome support here! Here are some pictures stole from grandma's camera.

Chase found a butterfly. Chase has been obsessed with matching Jacob so in these pictures you will noticed they wear the same couple shirts because those are the ones that match.

One day we decided to have some fun so we went to our favorite place in Raleigh - the train park (Pullen Park). Not only did Chase get to ride the train twice but he also got to ride the carousel.

Jacob started a tumble class with a few other 1 year olds. He loves it!  Before you make fun of me for doing meets once a week for an hour and was only $30 for the year. As soon as Gavin starts crawling. He can join as well.

My boys!

A rare moment when all boys were awake and not crying.

Gavin would cry whenever I put him in our bouncy seat so I borrowed a friends that sits more upright and he loves it. He is so much more content.

Wednesday was international Talk Like a Pirate Day so Chase dressed as a pirate and got a free donut at Krispy Kreme.

 Grandma joined too and also got a free dozen!

Grandma and Grandpa graciously agreed to stayed a few extra days so we could go to the appointment yesterday without kids. Thank you guys so much for everything. Hope you are having a good trip back to Kansas!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


I think our whole family has a sweet tooth. We love going out and getting treats. This morning we went to get to donuts at Krispy Kreme. Chase likes watching the donuts being made and getting a hat. Notice the guy behind Chase, we are not the only ones that go in our pajamas!

The other night we went to Kickin Kiwi with friends. It is a yogurt place where you pick your yogurt and toppings. I am starting to let Jacob eat with utensils so I figured I would give this a try. He did pretty well. He sat at the little table with the other boys and he just seemed so big to me.

On the medical front, I got some good news this week. On Tuesday my oncologist called and said that all the scans came back clear. Which is very good news but not all that surprising considering the cancer had not spread to my lymph nodes. In the same conversation he said that he met with his partners are they still recommending chemo. I was not happy with that news. I just felt like I had a heavy weight on my shoulders. I know it will be a mild form of chemo but its still chemo. On Thursday the doctor emailed the result of the tests on the tumor. The Mismatched Repair status is MMR-D. Which basically means they predict that I have less than a 7% chance of recurrence in the next 3 years. That was very good news to us. From Brad's research with a score that low they suggest observation instead of chemo. I have an appointment scheduled at UNC next Thursday. My doctor is very curious what the doctor there is going to recommend. While we were very excited about the results I have to make sure that my hope is not in test results or doctors opinions. My hope is in Jesus Christ. There are no guarantees in cancer and I take comfort that my life is in HIS hands. I could do chemo and the cancer could come back and vice versa. But with that said we still want to make a wise decision when it comes to the treatment plan. Brad's parents have graciously offered to stay until that appointment. I am really going to miss the help around the house!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Moving on...

I wanted to say again thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments and emails. I haven't written anyone back but I have read every one and hope to respond at some point. The PET and CT scan went okay on Thursday. I think whatever they gave me made me a little queasy because I came home and crashed. I took a sleeping pill later that night because they told me I couldn't nurse anyway for 48 hours. I am still fighting to nurse as much as I can. He is still so young and if I do have to do chemo I'm sure I'll have to stop then so I want to while I can. I feel like I am starting to get past it. I have seen most of my friends out and stuff and it is not coming up in every conversation like it used to. I won't probably know anything until we meet with the oncologist again in a couple weeks. So if there are no updates that is why. I went on our full neighborhood loop walk this morning (1 mile) and it definitely wore me out and I feel like my core is very weak. I am working to change my eating habits to try to eliminate a lot of sugar but I feel like it will be a process. So grateful that Brad's mom is still here to help! Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

Grandmom taking Jacob swimming. He got Chase's puddle jumper and he is so much happier in the water!

Chase went to 2 weeks of swimming camp and is doing great swimming without the puddle jumper.

Before getting my "bling" out, as I called it. 

We were supposed to meet the Kauflins at the beach over Labor Day weekend. That didn't happen but they did come down to see us for a night. Kristine is an oncology nurse and I know it was hard for me to be going through this and her not being here. If they were not in the process of moving I have no doubt she would have driven down to be an advocate for me. As is it she is doing research for me on the chemo drug and I was told I had to call her before the next appointment so I know what to ask the doctor.

All 6 of our kiddos...

Gavin is getting good head control!

Me and the "babies." Both of these outfits were given to me at Chase's baby shower. How fun that I can use both of them at the same time.

Chase started his first day of Pre-K. He is going 3 days a week for 3 hours a day. He seems to like it so far.

We love football season! Go K-State! 

Teaching Jacob touchdown! We got lots of practice during the KSU game today.

I thought this was a good picture of him.

Now Wagner has 2 boys to bug him. Jacob is using him as a stool to get on the couch.

Like I said, SO grateful grandma is here to help. Huge thanks to our friends James & Ashley Bucks for the buddy pass on Southwest to fly her out while I was still in the hospital. We are so grateful!

Just got the bill from the hospital today...any guess to how much this cost???