Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin patch

Chase had a field trip to our favorite pumpkin patch, Hillridge Farms, last Friday. I was so excited to go until I heard that no siblings were allowed - boo! Well the littles and I ended up being invited to a birthday party at a pumpkin patch the same day so that worked out. It is a lot smaller but it was a beautiful day and our friends were there! 

Yummy cake!

"This pumpkin, mommy!"

On the hayride.

Playing in the corn! That was a favorite!

Hope you had a great 2nd birthday Stephen! Thanks for inviting us!

P.S. I cannot figure out why I get the gap in the beginning of the post when I update from my phone. Anyone else have this issue?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It was fun playing soccer with Chase's school this year. I got to know the other parents and Chase enjoyed playing with classmates. This is the first year he's had to learn positions and it was an adjustment at first but he did great. His face would light up when he scored a goal. 

Chase isn't the fastest on the field but has petty good ball control. 

The cheering crew

Chase with his friend Addison

They ate a lot during games.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Chase had a few days off from school last week so we decided to fly out to Denver to visit daddy. My mom was able to watch the littles so I just took Chase and Jacob. They were so excited! Chase especially could have been a walking commercial for United Airlines. 

I let Chase take some pictures on my phone. 
In Golden, Colorado. It was a beautiful day and they loved seeing the mountains.

It was fun being able to take pictures with the littles around!

Of course we had to go to a train museum.
Train Engineer Chase.

We met Brad's good friend Ryan and their family. We hope Jacob and Will will be college roommates!
For lunch we went to Casa Bonita. The Mexican food wasn't that great but the entertainment sure was. The kids loved the waterfall and divers.
Ryan ad Brad
We were also able to hang out with some Air Force friends from our time at Laughlin. Pizza and park is always a good combo.

On the flight. They did really well. I did laugh when people said I had my hands full. They have no idea!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Grandparents Day

Grandparent's Day for Chase's school was back in September. Brad's parents took advantage of the airline perks and flew out for it. A lot of military kids don't always get to have Grandparents at these type of events so I'm really glad it worked out.

Showing grandma and grandpa how much they love the bday gift!

Chase's class at the program.

With Grandma and Grandpa.

After the program they had the rest of the day to spend with grandparents. I suggested they take to the train station in a nearby town. 

He loved it!

Thank you so much for coming out and making the day special for Chase!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


A friend took this picture of Micah at a recent birthday party. I just love it. I hardly have any pictures of him and I will cherish this!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Playing catch up

It's time to play catch up again! It's hard enough to keep up with everything - forget documenting. But I enjoy looking back at pictures so I figured I better still update. Its been so long I forgot to upload pictures from my iphone in reverse order. Oh well. 

Took this before game 1... things aren't looking good so far for the O's. 
Three boys eager to help make pancakes. 
Meeting Liam - a friend from England was in town and we got to visit.
This is the only picture I have of Chase's soccer team. He is really enjoying playing this year and his face lights up when he scores. I hope to bring the real camera one game and get some pictures. 
How we play in October in North Carolina.
Gavin had a terrible sore on his mouth and was just miserable! And to top is off Micah bit him while in the bath. It was a long couple days.
Chase wrote this one afternoon and it made my day!
I noticed Gavin had a hard time chewing and I thought he kept biting his tongue. I finally asked to look and noticed this sore. Ouch! He couldn't use his dummy and couldn't sleep. He was so hungry but couldn't eat. 
Watching TV with my sick boy.
Chase (in the #9 jersey) went to a birthday party at the Tumble gym for a friend from class. Majesty Rose (an American Idol contestant) came to sing Happy Birthday.
A selfie to show Brad I was supporting his new company :)
Everyone loves to jump!
Again these are all backwards but here is Gavin after I dropped Jacob off at Wee Wings. They have done everything together so its an adjustment.
Jacob was not sure about Wee Wings at first. Even now he talks about it all the time but is still hesitant when I drop him off. 
With friends from church and now school.
Before getting on the bus for the first time.
Getting some free donuts at Talk like a Pirate Day at Krispy Kreme!
This is all I could get him to wear.
None of the boys like dressing up. I had to bribe him to wear this. As soon as he ate his donut it was off!