Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Friday!

It's finally Friday! This weekend mom and dad are headed down to Charleston, SC with some friends from class. I get to go stay at a new friends house. I went over to meet Sammy this week and we got along so I get to play with him this weekend.

Mom's office was allowed to dress up for halloween. Not too many people did but mom is always looking for a good time! We got tons of candy for the little kids in the neighborhood but we didn't get as many as we thought. They are going to start demolishing the houses in a year or so and there are several empty ones around us so we figured the trick or treaters didn't want to waste their time. We still got a few and it was fun to see all the little kids.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Class Fun!

We had a fun weekend hanging out with people from Dad's class. Friday night we met at the O'Club to learn how to play Crud. Then the group came over to our house to hang out afterwards. Everyone liked me and mom even found someone to watch me next weekend so I don't have to go to the kennel!
On Saturday our next door neighbor had her first birthday party. As always the cake eating is the best part!

I wasn't invited but got to watch through the fence. I tried to come over to the party at one point but got stuck under the fence and got in trouble.

He liked eating the cake as well!

Later that night, mom and dad went over to a classmates house for a holloween party. It is nice moving every couple years because you can recycle the outfits. This is also what they wore last year.

We always talk about the fun class trips we will plan; skiing, shopping, beach, etc. We will see how many actually work out.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

5 Years Ago...

Approximately five years ago, it was a rainy night and mom was watching the baseball playoffs in the basement of the sorority house. Her boyfriend was going to stop by to hang out a bit and watch the game. When he got over to the house, he wanted to go on a ride. Mom, being very comfortable in sweats watching baseball, insisted that they should just hang out there. Finally he said that he had something to give her. Mom also had something to give him, considering it was their 6 month anniversary of dating. (That saved dad - he had no idea it was 6 months!). So they went driving around in the rain and headed to a look out called Top of the World in Manhattan, KS. Dad presented mom with a photo album of their relationship. This was the last page of the album and as mom turned to read it dad had gotten out of truck and he was under the umbrella down on his knee. Mom was sure glad she went on that ride!

So, here we are five years later, watching the world series in sweats, its raining outside. We got some sparkling cider, had a nice dinner, then went on a truck ride.
It has definitely been 5 wonderful years!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Our First Visitors!

Mom's parents came down for the weekend. Our first visitors in our new home! It was nice to show them around and hang out. It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we headed out to a local state park for a picnic and hiking.
Luc was tied up to the picnic table that we took the picture from so that's why the top of his head is in the picture.
We got to swim in the river...
and dry off on the way home!
Had to get a bath after swimming in the dirty water.

They brought Luc's crate down but it looked so comfortable that I went in for a quick nap. Luc is getting more used to me and we even played a little!

Thanks for coming down and visiting! We are definitely going to take advantage of being close to family while we are here!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Meet the Lizards

I don't like creepy crawly critters and there appears to be a lizard that has camped out on our mailbox. Everyday mom has to ask dad to get the mail because she doesn't want to go near them. She keeps on asking dad to put him in the woods but dad wants him around to eat bugs. So we decided that if he is going to stick around we better name him - so Larry the Lizard it is!
Just when mom thought that it couldn't get worse, dad annouced that Larry got married. We know have Larry and Lyn Lizard. If there any babies on the way, mom and I are outta here!

Just in case there is any doubt of who is really doing the blogging....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday Night Sports

What a great night for sports on Saturday night - so here is where mom and dad were parked all night. Between the NASCAR race (Bowyer finished second), K-State Football (K-State beat down Colorado), ALCS and other college football games it was a late but fun night! I am so grateful that mom and dad both like sports. There is never an argument in that area (well we will see when the Redskins and Cowboys play at the same time)! Dad is a great remote control king and mom is happy to let him have that responsility. We have been spoiled with K-State being on TV so much - what are we going to do next week?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day Weekend

We headed up to Maryland this past weekend to spend time with family and friends. Tiana was there the whole weekend and we were excited about that. Here is the proud daddy!
I got to meet her and she wasn't afraid of me! I am still not sure what to think about babies. We are wearing our purple for gameday but that is all we will say about the game.
Proud Aunt! Here we are watching the Redskins game. At least one of our teams won! We have to work hard to make her a Redskins fan!
We all went on a walk in Damascus. Luc and I got along for the most part so our moms were grateful.

On Saturday night mom and dad had a fun double date with KK and Devon. They went to a nice restuarant in Rockville. It was voted Marylands best new restuarant in 2006. Thanks guys for always making time for us in your busy schedule - we always enjoy hanging out with you!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Date night at Fair

Last night, mom and dad headed to the county fair for a date night. It reminded mom of all the good days at the county fair growing up. All the 4-H exhibits, demonstrations and getting the wrist band to ride all the rides on Monday. Good times!

Like Dad's shirt, how 'bout them Wildcats! Texas is overrated for sure but it seems like we come a long way since losing to Baylor on the road. Although last year we beat Texas and lost to KU - we had better beat KU tomorrow!!
We stopped in to watch a local high school talent show and saw some interesting acts. This was our favorite act - Theta Phi Theta and their step act.
We are in the heart of Tobacco Road. There is even smoking allowed in some fast food restuarants. I don't even like smoking sections in restuarants but that is really gross!
We are headed to Maryland for the Columbus Day weekend as soon as mom and dad get off work. Mom has been working a temp job until something comes up. Getting the house in order kinda got halted when mom started working but it is almost there. Dad has been busy with academics and stuff. They got to go out to the jet last Friday night to walk around and look at it so that was a lot of fun. Other than that we are just enjoying our time here.