Saturday, May 31, 2008

Getting Settled...and Week 36 Update

We agreed to a lease on a house or should I say cottage! I will try to get pictures soon to post. It is a cute cottage but inside its pretty modern so a perfect combination. We should hopefully get the keys this week.

We bought a car and both passed our driving test. We've slowly but surely been practicing - hubby already seems fine but I am taking my time and only want to practice during non-busy times. I feel like a 16 year old again. We should be able to borrow a car until our truck gets here from the states.

I have a doctor's appointment for Monday. It was a huge answer to prayer to be able to be seen quickly and without much hassle. I am going to sign us up for the next birthing class which is the day after the little guy is due. He seems pretty cozy in there so he might let us attend the class. I would have loved to have my nursery set up and everything by now and it is weird to think our stuff is probably over the Atlantic somehwere! My mom also booked her ticket so her and the dog should be here in about a month. She is going to be such a huge help with a new baby and unpacking!

I wanted to include the dad-to-be in the belly shot and include our sights for the day. It was a beautiful day and we loved walking around.

Monday, May 26, 2008

First Week

Well we both made it here safely. Hubby is still trying to stay awake after 16+ hours of sleeping. To keep him awake yesterday we went to the local village pub and had the Sunday Roast meal. It was very good but there are a lot of new things to experience. We had to ask what this one food was on our plate and it was "cracklin" basically pig skin. It was very salty and I will not be afraid to ask what I am eating the next time! Here is a picture of us girls at the market/shopping center yesterday and then me and hubby at the pub.

This week we get to take the driving test and hopefully buy a car so we can start narrowing down where we want to live!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a week!

Well last week we managed to get all of our stuff packed up, move to the temporary house, have the final inspection for our house, (hopefully) get all required paperwork, plan graduation for the class, welcome family to town and have hubby graduate on Friday! It was exhausting!! We got a lot of good pictures from the weekend but I don't have time to upload so here is one shot from the graduation..

We had a great day on Saturday going down to Wilmington, touring a battleship and seeing a lighthouse and beach. It was then hard saying goodbye to family, especially parents. We also had to say goodbye to Wagner for several weeks. My parents are taking care of him until my mom comes over this summer after the baby. So we got one last family pic!

Well I am flying over tonight. I will try to email out when I get a chance and hopefully I can post more pictures and details about our weekend and graduation soon. Hubby is taking care of several things this week and is flying over next weekend. So grateful for friends to pick me up from the airport and take care of me until he gets there!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Baby Shower Pictures

Here are a couple pictures from the baby shower my two good friends and mom threw for me last weekend. I was so blessed by everyone that attended! The theme was planes and there were all different types of paper airplanes for decorations. They even looked up how to make the air force planes!
Hopefully Tiana is ready for another cousin. She already has 5 on her mom's side!
Since I haven't lived in MD for several years one of the games was questions about what's been going on lately in our lives. It was fun to be able to fill people in and share a little bit about my pregnancy.
A couple friends I grew up playing sports with.

Our good family friends.

My wonderful friends who threw a wonderful shower. Hard to believe that our first kids will be born almost within a year of each other. I also want to thank my mom who helped with the shower, the friends that sent gifts that couldn't make it, my aunts and cousins who drove up from Virginia and everyone for celebrating with me!

Monday, May 05, 2008

A Week at Home

I just got back from a week at my parents. I enjoyed shopping and lunch with mom, many walks, watching my dad play a couple innings of softball (it was cold that night!), and just hanging out with family and friends before the big move. It started out with Tiana's first birthday last Saturday. She was great and it is hard to believe she is one!!

She was still waking up when we first got there!

With mommy and daddy.

She didn't really care about the gifts...

But she enjoyed her cupcake!

On Tuesday night, I went with KK and Devon to an Orioles game! It was a chilly night but the O's won! We look forward to taking our little boys to a game next year!
A couple parting family shots...

She is just too cute!

I was also thrown a very nice baby shower on Saturday and will update when my friend emails me the pictures. I am now back at home facing a lot of baby stuff to organize and getting ready for packers. I have a lot to do before then!