Thursday, September 30, 2010


We had 2 days to explore Edinburgh. Our apartment was about a mile outside the city center so we definitely got some walking in as went back to the apartment every day for nap time. We loved having an apartment and ate most meals in which was a lot more relaxing with Chase in tow.

On Caton Hill overlooking Edinburgh.
Brad forgot  to fill his contact case with solution the night before so he had to wear his glasses. While looking at this picture he informed me he looked like a retarded superman. I thought he was cute :)

 We took a break to let Chase throw rocks.
 We then went to the Museum of Scotland. Normally I am not a fan of museums. We have to walk through them quickly or Chase gets bored and restless. This one was really good though. A lot of interesting information and some interactive stuff for Chase.

 After the museum we stopped at an overlook of the train station so Chase could watch beets. He is insistent that a train is a beet.
 We took a underground city tour. They were trying to scare us with stories of spirits and stuff. In one room they made the women and men stand on opposite ends of a dark vault to even out the spirits or something. But Chase kept saying mommy mommy so the tour guide let me go to the guys side.
 A view of Edinburgh Castle.

Chase had a great view of busses and beets from the castle. He could have stayed there and watched for hours pointing out everything that goes by.

In front of the church that John Knox (supposedly a great reformer although I've never heard of him until now) preached at.
This is why we didn't get a ton of sleep up there. I think the baby cot was pretty old and not comfortable so Chase kept climbing out.
Our trip also included a visit to the pool, listening to 2 books on CD during the travels, almost running out of gas trying to get to the RAF base that we could get gas on and a stop at the outlet mall. It was a great time to spend as a family.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scotland::Loch Ness

Sorry for the delay. Blogger changed a few things and I am still getting used to it. The post might look a little different until I can figure everything out. Anyways, from Edinburgh we took a day trip up to Inverness and Loch Ness. We didn't have the best weather but the drive up there was pretty and Loch Ness was very impressive.

We took a cruise on the Loch Ness. At some parts it is 800 feet deep. Of course it is also known for the Loch Ness Monster Nessie.
We found Nessie!   

We had to stop and take a picture of a highland cow.
We were going to do some more exploring around inverness but Chase fell asleep pretty quickly in the car so we just headed back. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the scenery. It was really beautiful.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scotland::St. Andrews

We just got back from a wonderful trip to Scotland. We stayed in Edinburgh but made a day trip up to St. Andrews. On Sundays, the Old Course is closed for golf and the public are allowed to walk on it so we wanted to take advantage of that. It is right on the coast and we only wish it was a little warmer.
On the 18th hole.
On the famous bridge on the 18th hole.

We ended up coming back to the clubhouse after walking the course for dinner and it was so good!
Chase enjoyed walking the course - he probably walked a mile or so before he wanted to go back in the stroller. We were grateful to pick up the pace a little. I was getting hungry and tired!

Still have posts coming about Loch Ness and Edinburgh.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Homecoming Pictures

Warning - lots of pictures! Wanted to capture everything about our day yesterday. Chase didn't like the flightsuit when I first put it on. I had to give him some candy to distract him from trying to take it off. Here he is ready to go to base. Picture with my friend, Katie. Her husband was also delayed with Brad so we kept each other sane. Hence the seal trip the other weekend! By the way we did not coordinate colors!

All of us waiting for our men, and Chase who was starting to get a little fussy. The arrival time was right during his nap.

Chase excited to see the guplay (how he says airplane).
Waiting for Daddy's airplane to land. The clouds were too low for them to do an overhead pattern.
There he is!!!
Telling Chase he is going to see Daddy. Didn't tell him much beforehand because I don't think he got it. Even today he picked up the phone and asked for daddy.

The canopy was up and we could go see him! It was very windy.
Daddy waving.
A sight for sore eyes.
Waiting patiently the last few seconds.

My love!
He gave daddy a hug...
then wanted to come back to mommy.
One of our elders, Gordon, and our new pastor and his wife came out. The church was so supportive during the whole deployment and especially the last two weeks.

Chase was so excited to see so many airplanes!
Checking out daddy's airplane.
A.B. and Blaser

With our friends the Walkers.
Walking back to the building.
Chase wanted to touch every jet.

With our friend Amy. Thank so you much for being there with me and taking pictures for us!
At home! Chase was exhausted by this point, can you tell by his face. Oh well, we were okay with him wanting to take a nap right away :)