Friday, June 13, 2014

Gavin is 2!

I had a one day break from having a 2 year old! Gavin turned 2 on Thursday. He is starting to put 3 to 4 words together and it is nice being able to communicate a little more - still a work in progress! We are still working on how much "love" he can show Micah. He is fearless at the swimming pool! He will go off the diving board and jump off the side even if I am not ready to catch him. I don't have his stats but he is a chunk! He has no neck. I have to make sure to clean out the rolls underneath his chin at bath! He so wants to be right there playing with his brothers but he doesn't know quite how to do that yet so he spends several hours a day (it seems) crying. I know they love each other and hopefully will soon figure out how to all play together. We love you Gavin!

Jacob's Birthday

Jacob turned 3 on Wednesday! He is turning into a little boy right in front of my eyes. He can actually play trains with Chase and not mess everything up (at least on accident - he will on purpose if he is not happy :), he's starting to color longer and stay in the lines. He enjoys puzzles and being at the pool. It is nice to see him without his pacifier anymore but we still cannot get this potty training thing figured out. He has this summer since he is enrolled in a preschool program this fall. We love you Jacob!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Strawberry picking

We needed strawberries the other day and decided to run to a local farm to pick some. The boys had a great time. We are into our 3rd week of summer and surviving so far. I like the routine of the school year when we have activities planned several days a week but its nice to hang out at the pool and see friends we don't get to during the school year. We just celebrated Jacob and Gavin's birthdays and I will post the pictures soon.