Monday, January 29, 2007

Goals Update

Nothing much has been going on here, hence the lack of posts. Mom's work took the camera back so mom can't take pictures anymore. So I figured I would update on her goals...

- Have tried 2 new recipes. Mom made a macaroni and cheese dish which was good for a few meals but after eating for 4 days straight you are ready for something else. Tonight mom made snicker cookies and brought them down to a friends house, that was a hit!
- Got caught up on scrapbooking yesterday and organized all the stuff.
- Have read 4 books and am on the waiting list for a couple more at the library.
- Brought dinner and a movie over to a girl in our squadron and we hung out while her husband was away.
- Journaling is definitely hard but so far mom has made twice a week. This is something she needs to keep up though!
- The office still needs a little organization!
- Called friend from church whose husband is in Iraq and offered to babysit. She said she would take a rain check but we haven't heard from her, we will keep trying.

So far the time has been good, so grateful for all the friends here who invite us over for dinner and check in us. We are ready for dad to come home though!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Ice Pictures

Mom indeed had the day off again today. Things are melting pretty good now so things should be back to normal tomorrow. While we were on a walk, mom tried again taking pictures of ice with the camera (an old work camera that got pretty beat up on the construction site - for example if you try to zoom in, it shuts off). Some of them turned out ok this time.
Here is what we got...

This is my favorite, ice and cactus normally don't go together.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice now SNOW!!

It's snowing! After hanging out inside all day I got to go out and play with my friend Georgia. It is supposed to snow all night and even tomorrow morning, here's to hoping we have another day off tomorrow!!

It all started with Andy hitting Tara with a snowball....
Then it turned into a neighborhood snowball fight!

Watch out guys!

We miss dad!!


We are getting hit by icy weather this morning and it is even supposed to snow up to 3-5 inches. This area is in shut-down mode since we are not used to this type of weather. Mom got the day off of work. It would be the perfect day to hang out as a family so we are really missing dad. It will be a good chance to work on some of our goals. Mom wishes she was a better photographer, ice can be so cool if you can capture it right.

You can kinda see the icicles right!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

We have a niece!

Addison Marie
January 12, 2007
8lbs, 4oz.
20 1/2 inches
We so wish we could see her in person! We heard everything went well and mom and daughter are doing great!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Me and Mom

I normally don't post pictures of our entire family but this one is just too cute to pass up. Dad just left this morning for a long "business trip." It is just mom and I for a while. In order for the whole time to pass without getting stuff done, here is her goals for the time dad is gone...
- journal at least twice a week
- read two books
- catch up on scrapbooking pages
- babysit for family in church whose husband just left for Iraq
- organize office area
- reach out to girl in squadron
- try at least 2 new recipes
Just writing these out should make mom more accountable to sticking to them! She went scrapbooking at a friends house tonight so she is well on her way to finishing one of them! It is so easy to be lazy at times like this. Oh, mom is also starting a new job on Monday. She has worked temporarily for this company before but starting a new job is never fun. She will be working on the dental clinic remodel. The company said they could employ her until we leave here, what a blessing!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I forgot to mention that I saw snow for the first time! It was a lot of fun to play in and I enjoyed trying to eat it and figure out what it was. Mom and dad even got out to play with me!


We just got back last night from Christmas Vacation in Kansas. I stayed with my dad's grandparents the whole time while my parents went back and forth between family's. They were able to spend Christmas day with both sides so that was nice. They got to see so many family and friends which was good because whose knows if we will be able to make it back next year. Mom and her brothers - they always take a picture by the Christmas tree. This was the only one at their grandparents house so it had to do!
Brayden opening his gifts.
Lucas and the glove we gave him.

Shoes for baby Addison. She will be joining us in less than 2 weeks!!

Visiting the Combat Air Musuem.