Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Late Spring

Jacob was learning about butterflies at school so we sent away for caterpillars and watched the process. It was fun!

My mothers day photo shoot.

Love being a boymom!

Our neighborhood bible study. 

Preschool moms getting a night out! 
We enjoyed a bike ride with Micah one morning when Brad was off and the older 3 were in school.

Being silly on the playground after preschool.

Chase made the jumbotron at a Royals game.

Gavin's last day of preschool. Loved his teacher! She brought out the best in him!

Jacob's last gymnastics with his buddy Emily.

Chase and Thomas celebrating summer birthdays at school.

Some of Chase's class.

Chase and his teacher Mrs. Silvers. We loved her as well! 

These 3 had a great smart start and coach pitch baseball season! Our little cheerer wanted to be included too.

Jacob is ready for Kindergarten!

Jacob's class

There's a lot of silly picture! Chase and Kara walking to school for the last time. 

We discovered this waterfall close to home and the boys loved it!

Playing ticket to ride without adult help. Maybe my life will get easier!

Our family CGSC picture. 

One last playdate with neighbors. Got ice cream from the ice cream truck. It was on our summer bucket list :)