Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Showers

In keeping up with my recent habits here is a hodgepodge of pictures from the past month. See you in May!

My 8 month old enjoying a bath. He is such a good baby!

Chase and Evan enjoying some Kickin Kiwi Fro Yo after a soccer game!
On our way back from Maryland we stopped at a Bass Pro Shop to see the fish. I am getting brave about getting out with all 4!
Our new swing set in the back yard! Huge thanks to daddy and grandpop for all the yard work! Brad added mulch later but not sure if I have a picture of it.

In Maryland we spent lots of time at the creek about a block away from my parents house. I spent lots of time there growing up and its fun seeing my boys enjoy it!

Another cute picture of my baby!
Normally Chase's chore is to put the silverware away. Well Gavin wanted to help one day and this was the result! At least it kept him busy for a little bit!

Micah had a playdate with Abi and Westin.

Easter Egg Hunt

I know this is really old but before spring break we all went to Chase's Easter Egg Hunt at school. Grandmom was in town so I was actually able to take some pictures. They numbered all the eggs and you could only find your number. Makes it a little more challanging.

 Playing on the playground afterwards.

We headed up to Maryland for Easter weekend and was able to see all my family. I know I've said it before but its nice having everyone on the same coast!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Rest of March

Sorry its been so long since posting - here is a random picture update with iphone pictures.
I got to play on our squadron crud team for the yearly tournament. We lost in the final game and played through the loser's bracket so we played a lot of games. It was fun!
Wonder how long till someone asks if I have triplets!

Chase can seriously make anything a train. I was impressed by this.

Chase loves playing basketball!

Gavin and his buddy Axley are just too cute!

At Chase's multicultural parade at school. His class was New Zealand.

Chase with his favorite friend that's a girl (Audrey) from school. 
Bowling with the Kauflins!

So glad that he is a content baby. He just sat there the entire time we bowled.

Chilling on the ride home from Marbles Kids Museum.

Chase wasn't feeling good one day and stayed home from school. I found him like this for an hour at one point during the day. He loves Wagner!

I love the nice weather but these boys get FILTHY every time they play outside. 

I mean seriously they are wrestling in the dirt.

Chase wanted me to take a picture of him.

Waiting for our vehicle inspection. Yay for free popcorn!

Evan came over after school one day and I took them to the Tumble Gym. Chase was explaining to us that he sees Evan everyday. They are in school together, soccer on Saturdays and church on Sundays! Hopefully they will be in the same class next year.