Thursday, August 29, 2013

Welcome Micah

Yesterday we welcomed Micah Charles Caywood into our family. He was born at 8:20pm weighing 9 lbs and was 22.5 inches long. He has a head full of dark hair and has been pretty chill so far. The induction was harder than I was hoping but all is well now. I hope to post more soon. Brad is bringing the boys up now to meet their little brother. This will be interesting!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

40+ Weeks

I haven't posted much on the blog about the pregnancy. I always thought I would make a post with the sonogram pics, how we told the boys it was another boy and a few belly pictures but it never happened. It has been a long pregnancy with a blood clot on my placenta wall (causing me to go up to UNC to monitor it several times) and high fluid which meant weekly ultrasounds and non stress tests. They told me no strenuous activity from about 18 weeks and I felt like I lost my energy very quickly with not being able to work out. High fluid can also cause extra stomach pain and trouble breathing. So needless to say we are ready for this little guy. How many people go past their due date with #4!!! Here is a picture of me on August 21, one year exactly after surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from my large intestine. So grateful for God's healing and Him blessing us with another child. Hopefully I will be posting soon about a new child! I think I will get induced Wednesday if he isn't here by then.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


A few random pictures from our summer...starting with a train ride at a park in Maryland. Train parks are a hit right now!

With our squadron we headed down to Atlantic Beach for the day. Brad always brings a shovel to make a little "kiddie pool" which makes things so much easier to keep track of the young ones.

Mommy and Gavin

Our friends from England, the Ashmores, moved into our neighborhood. Jacob loves playing with Becky. On our walk the other night when we passed their house he was trying to get out of the stroller and kept saying Becky, Becky. It was so cute.

Brad really enjoyed playing softball with the church this year. I enjoyed going but sometimes it was hard keeping the kids busy. I let Jacob play with my phone one game and he took a couple "selfies."

Some girls from the squadron insisted on throwing Emily and I a girls night out to celebrate the arrival of boy #4 (for both us). We had a great time eating out at Olive Garden.

Our caregroup at church was thrown a progressive dinner by the other caregroup. It was a great time of food and fellowship.

Grandmom was here helping me with one of the last weeks of pregnancy (ever :). One a nice day we ventured to Raleigh to go to the train park there :) 

Chase got a few Legos for his birthday and they enjoyed putting the plane together.

There are still a few more weeks of summer for us but with this baby hopefully coming at some point we are slowing down around here. Hopefully I will post about boy #4 soon!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fun with Friends

Two random pictures from the summer with one of our favorite families. When we go out we turn heads with 6 little boys. In a couple months it will be 8 little boys! They are moving on to their next assignment soon and will be greatly missed!

Getting some free chick fil-a!

At the lake house about to go on the boat. Gavin was asleep for this pic.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chase is 5!

I know that this is really old but wanted to post about my big boy! Hard to believe I have a 5 year old going in Kindergarten! We had his big pool party about 10 days before his birthday so his actual birthday is always a little low key. He had friends come over and play during the day and we had cupcakes then. He is so funny about stuff. I had specifically saved his birthday crown he got from school so that he could wear it on the day and he did not want to. Not even for a picture. 

He normally hates pictures but randomly he told me to take a picture of him and Wagner. I got a real smile out of him!

Opening gifts.

A week after his birthday I took him to his 5 year check up. He weighed 39.5 lbs and was 42.5 inches tall. About 40th percentile for both. He has had a fun summer of beach trips, a few camps and VBS's, pool and playing with friends. He has gotten tired the weeks we have a lot going on so I think even an half day Kindergarten is going to be an adjustment.

Thursday, August 01, 2013


One reason I really wanted to go up to Maryland was to take a day trip to see my brother and his family. They just moved to outside Hershey, PA from Kansas. I was excited to meet my nephew, Ronan, born in June.

We also had to get some chocolate! There's a lot to do in the area and we are excited to come back (with Brad)!

On the chocolate factory tour.

I made him take a picture with me or else he couldn't eat his chocolate and this is still the best I could get. 

With my brothers!

Melissa has the better pictures on her camera. But wanted to show my parents with all their grandkids!

Thanks for having us! Can't wait to come back!