Monday, September 21, 2015

End of summer

It is even harder to update the blog these days because Brad uses the computer for school. But this is the only way I preserve memories so even if I blog once a month I'm going to keep pressing on! The pictures are out of order but here we go....

Chase loved the Royals game he went to so Brad wanted to take the big boys on a night when they didn't have school the next day. I guess Jacob asked to go home in the first inning and didn't make it too long in the car on the way home.
Brad did say it was a long first inning :)
Jacob did love the fountains at the K! 

Brad and his big boys.
Gavin was not happy on the first day of school. On the 4th day he didn't screamed when I dropped him off and now he is doing great! Stinker!
Micah loved his birthday donut.
Micah turned 2 end of August.
Jacob started a gymnastics class and loves it!!

We went exploring in a nearby town and found a train museum. The museum was closed but we could look around the train yard.

We went on a hike one night at a local state park and the best part was the train!

Checking out the Missouri River.
Date night to Orioles/Royals game. 

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit!
The downtown area did a charm hunt where we had to go check out all the local stores to collect all our charms. It was a fun girls morning.
At Fan Appreciation Day at KSU.
We had to take Grandma and Grandpa to Fritz's!