Saturday, July 25, 2015


Well we are here in Kansas and mostly settled in. Brad is out working on the garage now :) It has been hot so that's been the last thing to get organized. We have enjoyed getting to know the area and see family and friends. 
One of the first nights here we found out one of Brad's college roommates was in town for a funeral so we met them at chick-fil-a. 
A shot of our empty house before the craziness of unpacking.
It took forever to feel settled. Last time I moved it was to a lot bigger house and I only had 1 kid. With the boys around and no where to put stuff it took a while!
We headed to Brad's hometown for 4th of July. The kids got to participate in the Silver Sandpile (digging for nickels) that Brad did when he was younger. 
Chase and Jacob both got about $2. Not bad!
We got them matching shirts and this was the best picture I could get. I was a little annoyed.
At least these two would take a picture.
Another attempt.
Trying to a get picture with my 4th. I doubt I have many of us.

Reunited with Wagner. Chase asked me to take a picture of him and his dog :)

We took away his dummy. I told him if he went all night he would get a donut. I  had to sleep with him for 2 nights because he would cry out about every hour for it. But it's gone now!

Of  course we had to dress up for chick-fil-a day!

We stopped by my grandparents and Micah got to meet great grandad. His middle name is Charles after my grandad.

We had a huge meltdown when we first went to the pool because you can't wear your goggles on the diving boards. But Chase overcame it and even went off the high dive.
We went to the T-Rex museum one night for dinner. The boys loved it. We said maybe we would go again once more before we leave. 
Enjoying the fountains. Brad and I took turns running into shops.

Checked out another kids museum in the area. It is so nice that all my boys are walking and playing.