Friday, March 03, 2017


Hi! This update took forever! I hope to go back and add some pictures from our camera but blogger kept shutting down on me when I tried. So this will have to do for now.

We love Saturday morning pancakes with daddy!
At chick fil-a saying good bye to a friend from preschool. 
Micah and Ronan doing some Valentines day activities. 
Chase got 3rd place in the AWANA grand prix. Brad is already figuring out how to improve for next year. 
Jacob wanted a picture with his car too. 
They had a couple days off in February and it was warm. After being at the park all day with friends we had Popsicles on the porch.
Wagner is getting older but is still very much loved by the boys.
A selfie with Jacob at the park.
We have good and bad times traveling - I sure get a lot of looks when they are all dressed the same!
A selfie at morning with mom. 
A friend offered to take a picture so we were all in it. All looking and smiling - I'm impressed!
Everyone is trying to help Micah poop on the potty because we said we will all go out for donuts to celebrate. It hasn't happened yet. 
Chase loves setting up airports with blocks and his airplanes. 


Anonymous said...

I have given up checking for an update. Dad let me know....Love the pics, Mom

Karen H. said...

The picture of you and the boys is perfect! :)

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